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    electric differences

    Whats the difference between electro electronic and electronica music?
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    Spoilers arent good for you

    When KHII wasnt released yet in my country I saw a very bad spoiler on the web- Roxas as an org member. I was very upset when I bought the game and I already knew that. I was like ruining the mystery of the game. I guess the best way to evade from doing that again is to stop watching websites...
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    Is Mars going to be close to Earth tonight?

    So i heard a rumor that mars will come reaall close to earth and we can see it without a telescope. Just like moon. Is it true or fake????
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    Something strange with clothes of Terra, Ven, Aqua

    these things look like the heartless logo right?
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    A new princess is announced.

    Tiana will be a new Disney princess. The movie will come out on 2009 and will be made the traditional way. The Princess and the Frog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Princess and the Frog - The Official Website Do you think it will be on Kingdom Hearts???
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    Help/Support ► Gettin' a kitty cat, what should I call it?

    name it Crystal or Pamplemouse or Pineapple... :d
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    notes in ipod. help me

    I was thinking that, it could be a good idea to import lyrics to my ipod nano. The problem is that, I dont know how -___-'' I only have Microsoft word for writing things... i've searched internet but i couldn't understand anything.. Help me plz..im loooooooost!
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    where can i download video clips??

    Well, i want to import some music video clips to my ipod, but i cant find anything on iTunes... i found 7digital MP3 Music Downloads – The Home of MP3 Downloads , but it doesnt update a lot... So, i need a website that you can download or at least buy music video clips. Can ya help meee? ;o
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    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    a great site for finding new music is Last.fm – The Social Music Revolution ;d
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    Help/Support ► so uh

    first of all i would like to congrants u for being brave enough to tell him to stop even thought u knew he was drunk so he could hit u or something....Anyway i think its great to continue with the girl. All the story seems like its from a movie or something yay! Sow cool! *eh-em* so um...good...
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    how can Maleficent meet someone before kh1 and appear again only on kh3?
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    yeah so dont change too much the topic you are right. The castle that Maleficent and Pete have been show CAN be seen by the area that you where fighting Sephiroth. You cannot enter the castle, you can only see it.
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    So it will remain a mystery until Kingdom hearts 3 or something?
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    I think you're right but, instead of starting the final battle, you CAN go downstairs or change worlds..so you should find somewhere Maleficent or Pete :( and what about Hollow Bastion? You can see that secret castle from the place you fight Sephiroth. What is this anyway?
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    Well taking over the castle is impossible cause
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    Oi! Have you ever realized that Maleficent and Pete just dissapeared at the end of KHII? Where did they go? What happenned to the secret area that Maleficent used on Hollow Bastion?
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    The Sercet Ending

    The 2 hooded men fighting in a tower with lots of heartless near them!~ :D
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    Castle Oblivion/The Old Mansion Theory

    I think Namine did this because she didnt want Sora wake up and Castle Oblivion he may was like: WTF! WHERE AM I???
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    The World Ends With You

    thats awesome! :3 and the middle boy named Neku really looks like Sora!
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    I didnt know that, so im wrong and btw Nomura sayed there will be three scenarios with three different playable characters