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    Ok first of all Runescape is a massive multiplayer online game. Im tryin to get it out to the world its by Jagex. So, just go to Runescape.com
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    OK, people enough hate threads about the mods!jeeze!Its not like we dont care its just that its annoying and its disgraceful to the mods Thank you! P.S. close this thread ASAP!
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    Who are Sora's parents?

    Why would they be so important to the story?
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    I found this game!

    I don't know what this is, just check it out http://the-mousehole.net/KHIH/KH-InvertedHearts.htm
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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dunno.
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    BHK and other stuff

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO!
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    Gummi Ship

    I like it!
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    A name for BHK

    And where did you find this?
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    Unknown Theories

    C'mon people!
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    White Creatures in KH2

    I thought the unknowns in Order were dusk.
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    Unknown Theories

    I think the pic looks kinda like HB.
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    KH2 will rock out loud

    Somebody close this now please.
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    KH2 will rock out loud

    We really don't like all these pointless threads crowding up the forum!
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    KH2 will rock out loud

    What's the point of this thread if you want information just check out http://khinsider.com/
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    Does this thread have a point?
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    Unknown Theories

    I still think DWU is Riku cause his hair looks white to me.
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    Unknown Theories

    Ok,next question is this HB or a new world the back looks like a castle but it doesn't look like the HB castle it looks kinda different.
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    Unknown Theories

    How come there are thirteen people in the Order and there are five here?
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    Unknown Theories

    C'mon people any theories?
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    Unknown Theories

    Apology excepted UnknownSora21,anyway anyone else have theories about DD/ASAS unknowns?