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    Does anyone have...?

    Here you go: 1B519586 00000323
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    Fanfiction ► Rebel Without a Flame

    Your story is funny. Hope you post more.
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    MX look-a-like?

    Would if Ansem the Wise found Terra in the future (that is why he has silver/white hair) and he asked his name, and Terra said Xehanort because that is the only name he can remember after the BBS fight.
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    MX is the best.....

    That keyblade must be heavy. Also, that meds joke was funny
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    MX is the best.....

    Thanks, Hades. Look like he's constipated....................Someone has been eating too much cheese.
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    Name of Dark Soldier.

    I'll go with Terra replica Teraraplixcer )Terra replica with an X)
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    MX is the best.....

    I just googled it. I dont know how to capture a scene from a video.
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    MX is the best.....

    I AGREE. MX kicked VAT's asses Key-style[idk] Here is a pic: BOW BEFORE ME!!!!!!!!!!
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    my screen goes black -deep jungle landing

    It is just probally just scratched up. All the used games I have are usually scratch.
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    Moogle Points

    Hit lots and lots and lots of stuff
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    The "I beat KH2" thread

    1. have you got 100% on the jiminy journal?//No 2.have you leveled op to 7 all the drive forms//Yes 3.have you beatened all the cups pain and panic cups to paradox//Yes 4.Have you unlocked the secret model//No 5.have you beaten sephiroth without having a second try?//Impposible........to me
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    When I was leveling up my Final Form I went to the Naught's Skyway in The World That Never Was. There are tons of Nobodies.
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    Just a little Help

    I might get KH2 FM+ for Christmas and if I do, do I have to get a slide card with the Swap Magic?
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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    Well, what I did was I used the Ultima Weapon and I had the abilities: Explosion, guard, Counterguard, and Berserk Charge. Now when you start off just press triangle. If you used the reaction command he should be poen for an attack. I kept doing combos until he hit me into the air, then I...
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    Mystery Character ..

    It can't be Riku 'cause it took place a long time ago, he would be like 5. I think it is Terra
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    He is wierd but he's tough. but the hair....................................AWKWARD
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    have you beaten the game?

    I beat CoM. Sora's annd Riku's story. Riku's story is easier than Sora's (I don't know why they have his so hard?). I beat KH1 & KH2. I wish it wouldn't go the The End screen and you have to restart it.
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    Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ for America..

    I might start saving money to import it. I was really hoping it would come to US