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    Make your own drive form

    Overload form summons every partner (party or otherwise) to you for a really big fusion thing. sora's clouth's turn rainbow (I no that's kinda gay, but hear me out) and his combos become the best attacks from each charicter. pros: bitchen combo, speed, strength and magic upgrades cons: limit...
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    Create your own card.

    remember blazing donald? Now it's goofy's turn... Card: Chucking goofy Bio: goofy spins a little too much effect: Takes half of each enemy's HP, then leaves them stuck in place for a few seconds heh. Throw-up is funny.:D
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    most hated boss

    Death To Riku 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Make up some key blades i'll join in and say wat i think.

    hmmm.... how bout this? name:save the world attack:15 ability:shining light Description:makes a big light appear and deal monster damage to all enimes. u no how donald and gofy have save the king/queen weapons? this one's for Sora.
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    certen cards

    i need a red card thats a 3. whats the easiest way to get one?
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    u no you've played to much khcom when u light a duck on fire and yell, "BLAZING DONALD!"
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    Powerwild here. i posted this thing, and i just wanna say thanks to all of you guys/girls who replyed. rikus got a face fulla keyblade and i'm felling fine. if i need help again, i'll know who to turn to.:D
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    Favorite COM Sleight

    i love holy. it can beat 2 darkball heartlesses in one hit!
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    I can't beat riku 4. i've lost to him 26 times! 26! :mad: .if anyone has advice for this I would REALLY appritiate it.