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    Weird dreams...

    really?! thats strange....
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    Weird dreams...

    yeah it happens to me 2...almost every night...i had a dream that i was a sim about a week ago
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    Lightness or Darkness?

    s'ok..its ur opinion...the darkness is pretty cool too..
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    Weird dreams...

    yeah and other games too...i h8 dreams, when i was 7 and i bought zelda majora's mask, i had a nightmare about the moon
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    Weird dreams...

    O.o that is wierd
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    Lightness or Darkness?

    lightness all the wayXD
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    Weird dreams...

    yesh well thats what dreams are: awkward and interesting. except if your dreaming about flowers and cute fluffy bunnies.
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    best keyblade

    hmm i'm gonna be original and say that my fav is Divine Rose. i luv it even though its not very strongXD
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    Weird dreams...

    i had the wierdest dream about kh and it happened last night! i dreamt that i was dancing with riku (very good start to the dream) and then rifiki from the lion king (this is a twisted dream) came in and started yelling at me. and then sora and kairi came in holding hands and riku got jealous...
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    Hidden picture!

    or it could be kairi's castle *tumbleweed rolls by* okay i guess not then...my guess is sleeping beauty's castle
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    Donald vs. Goofy

    O.o look at it! 50-50, go donald! fightfightfight!
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    KH2 theme song?

    hmm i dunno i think they might make a new one...
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    Fanfiction ► My Inuyasha fanfic

    woah thats really good, i've gotta read more! XD
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    lol thats hilarious! XD
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    Donald vs. Goofy

    i say Donald all the way, goofy annoys me, i don't really care who's stronger or anything i just never liked goofy.
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    Fanfiction ► "Sora, you can't take care of anything."

    thats hilarious! where do you come up with these ideas?:) lol killer penguins...
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    New KH2 Info AND Pictures next week!

    yeah, new pics!!!! can't wait! maybe we'll get to see riku's face under the cloak!!!:)
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    hey ppls!!!

    hey everyone!!! i'm kinda new here...i luv kh so ireally wanna become active here.