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    Still No new secret ending

    Are you sure you weren't conned? Where did you get your copy from?
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    The Roxas Lookalike isn't dead.

    You never know. They might kill him off even though everything's still not clarified, and make him for example a replica or something. It's possible. Nomura's very creative, as proven three times =P
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    The Roxas Lookalike isn't dead.

    It could just be that he was petrified [lol] at the time, so it looks as if he's dead.
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    did anyone ordering from yesasia get the game in the mail yet?

    THEY DID THIS TOO LATE!! Everyone who wanted to import already have =P Including me, sadly. You ordered with PlayAsia?
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    The Roxas Lookalike isn't dead.

    I thought something similar to this. Being frozen doesn't mean being dead. Being frozen is usually being preserved.
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    did anyone ordering from yesasia get the game in the mail yet?

    Gaah! Why didn't I order with the express mail thing? Now it'll come sometime this week or today T_T
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    did anyone ordering from yesasia get the game in the mail yet?

    I ordered mine from PlayAsia, unfortunately. It should come next week. Have you tried contacting them for help, kitowskiv? Or do they have a FAQ?
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    about limit form

    That would be like something for...MUNNY FORM! [Where he can beat Luxord at gambling xD]
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] I still wanna see that Larxene death scene... 'cause in the manga, she explodes o.o Seriously, Sora and Donald melt blizzaga on her and she explodes XD [Don't view if you don't want spoilers of the manga!] Click here
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    What is his weapon again? I haven't been on this thread much. EDIT: It's the book, isn't it? God, spare me.
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    Taking SO LONG to arrive here!!

    Hey, I ordered KH2:FM+, and my PS2 has been modified for over a year, so that's ok. Why's it taking so long? How come all you guys who did import it got it like one day after you ordered/after release? This is bugging me to hell and it'll probably come in two days or so. I ordered it from...
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    about limit form

    Exactly T.T Which is kind of hard =P
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    They also show Marluxia's Nobody! Like as in the one he controls. There's an image here, but I warn you, don't see it unless you want to be spoiled and know what it is! Here
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    Meet Marluxia's *Spoiler*

    Re: Meet Marluxia's *SPoiler* Xemnas wasn't the dragon. He was a king perched within it. And how can they show Marluxia above Marluxia? So it's not Marluxia nor his Nobody, don't know why people are coming up with these kinda of things. At first I thought that was fake. But...wtf is that...
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    Kh2:FM+ in America

    THAT IS ONLY CoM. As for the KH2 remake, it will have English voice-acting and the rest in Japanese. CoM is already in GBA, and so doesn't need English, really.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    Ah...yeah, I've had a HUGE block from this site XD Then why would they release an English version if the original is in English but just has Jap subs? It makes no sense, unless they won't release an Eng one.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    Hold on. Some of it's in English? Are you sure? o.o
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    Quick Question~

    Do they really have Japanese game stores in NA? Because if they do, then I'm guessing your answer is likely to be yes, Rena =P although we'll never know until March.
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    Help/Support ► Help, PLEASE!

    This is really very simple, yet not at all simple. I've got a girlfriend, and we've been dating for almost a year now. But for the past few months, there have been signs that this other girl likes me. [EVERY time I look in her direction, she stares at me, and if I stare back, she gets nervous...
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    What if Namine was a boss?

    It would never happen, butI'd love fighting her =P she'd be the hardest, she can manipulate memories and do ANYTHING to Sora o_o