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    This Proves You dont need a heart to weild the keyblade

    Just a quick thing....your signature says that Valor will win, Wisdom will conquer, Bravery will win etc. etc.........just to let you know, Valor = Bravery = Courage = Gallant = same thing.
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    This Proves You dont need a heart to weild the keyblade

    Or maybe the BHK is non-existent and at the same time, he has a heart. We're talking about Square-Enix here. Expect the unexpected. See without your eyes. Be not your opponent and other freaky Jedi-ish stuff like that. Seriously. Who cares if those people are false or not? It's just a game...
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    new heartless

    Then we'll make a new resolution.....they're both. Those guys have had plenty of names. At first, they were called Flailers....which describe them pretty well. But, no. I think that in general, ALL of those white beings are called the Nobody, and the Organization/XIII Order is a group of...
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    Why doesnt someone...

    's Maybe because KH2 isn't out ANYWHERE. The screenshots we're getting are from trailers and magazine scans, and some demo reports. EDIT: Gaiash, that's a kickass picture in your signature.....even though I hate Star Wars. >>;;;
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    nmtry The journal entry for Selphie merely says "Final Fantasy VIII." It doesn't say that this particular character is from the world of FF8 or Balamb Garden or whatever. It implies that the character *originally* appeared in FFVIII, so the Selphie on the Destiny Islands is merely a character...
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    ...Fujin and Raijin are with Seifer. The BHK's friends are 3 new characters. And people really ought to remember that KH uses FF characters, but those FF characters are not from their respective worlds. Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka are all from the Destiny Islands. Cloud, Yuffie, Squall/Leon, Cid...
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    The whole Kyara thing....

    I just read a thread about the BHK's name being Kyara. However, it was closed, so I didn't get to share this piece of information... That dude wasn't lying about the BHK being named Kyara. However, he was NOT telling the truth, either. The term "Kyara" is short for "Kyarakuta," which is how a...
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    Farfetched KH2 theory, I want your opinion

    Hmm. Part of me wants to congratulate you. You wrote out a VERY well-done theory, adding in ideas from other forms of media and integrating it seamlessly into a Kingdom Hearts philosophy. At the same time, I want to bloody slap you. Your idea is wonderful, but it would be so disappointing if...
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    I didn't like Wonderland or Deep Jungle!

    o_O; Am I the only person who enjoyed every world in the original KH?
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    Bhks role

    I doubt that the Dusk would lead to the Org.'s manor....wouldn't it lead to the BHK's "Awakening" in the Dive to the Heart place? Anyway, your theory is interesting, but makes little sense. It's too realistic for KH. Obviously, the BHK isn't just some kid who lives in Twilight Town. He has a...
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    the very end after credz

    Oh yes, that is so very homosexual. >_> Anyway, nothing happens because there's no more story left. What else would be left to do?
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    :: Sighs :: The Kingdom Key is the TRUE form of the Keyblade. The keychain brings out the Keyblade's "true form and power." I assume that it is the starting Keyblade of every Keyblade Master....either that, or a Keyblade like Mickey's inverted one. I don't believe there is only one. So I don't...
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    My Thoughts.

    1) DiZ is Ansem's shell. 2) I thought that the Glowing Eye Unknown was originally what DiZ looked like??? Think about it. They both have a bright right eye...and orange and yellow are right next to each other in the spectrum of color. I always assumed, and I still think so even now, that the GEU...
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    PROVED: H.Bast., TwilightT and D.Isles = same world

    It's metaphorical. The ocean OF THE WORLDS. He sent Kairi through the space dividing Hollow Bastion and Destiny Island BECAUSE her energies resonate with that of the Keyblade. She would be directed to the Keyblade bearer.
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    Naminé's job is to watch over Sora until he regains all of his memories. As for her being seen with the BHK, maybe nobody is discussing the possibilities because NO ONE KNOWS UNTIL THEY PLAY KH2! I don't remember ANY interaction between Naminé and Axel in CoM except the fact that Axel freed...
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    PROVED: H.Bast., TwilightT and D.Isles = same world

    You're a moron. 1) It's "proven," not "proved." If English isn't your first language, then excuse me. 2) They aren't the same world. >_> Are you high??? An example is that in KH, the Destiny Islands and Hollow Bastion were 2 separate worlds you could go to. If they were one world, why would...
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Twilight, because twilight pwnz you and your mother. By the way, the poll is wrong. Riku isn't dark, any moron who's played through CoM (and finished Reverse/Rebirth) would know that Riku is walking the path of twilight, along with Mickey.
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    Hey! People I want to buy this game, is it good?

    Oh, just buy it. It's good, okay??? I mean, really. If you're a Kingdom Hearts fan, then put it this way: THIS GAME IS A SEQUEL TO KINGDOM HEARTS!!!! AND IT IS A PREQUEL TO KINGDOM HEARTS II!!!!! Why would anyone NOT want to get CoM??? The battle system is AWESOME and totally unique. It...
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    I might sound really stupid by asking this, but....

    Because the Deep Jungle world sucked and Square-Enix brightened up about including it in CoM.
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    what would u do if u became a keyblade master

    Thank you? o_o;;; ^_^;