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    Is mickey with the organization?AND WHY DOES HE HAVE A KEYBLADE

    Becuase hes always in te black cloak? And he has a gold keyblade! Is he with the orgamization? What about Riku? AND CAN YOU STICKY SOMETHING ON YOUR OWN?
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    Riku is a fast healer

    Remember At the end after the nobody fight riku Couldnt walk? Well...He needed Sora To help him. Then he WALKED to the door of light AND SWAM to the isslane AND SPUN AROUND with mickey.WTH?(My science teacher swears yesterday she told emilliano to stop his bitchin and moanin) He sure does heal...
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    i got in a fight today

    i was walking the hall to science today when a girl came up to me. Supposedly i was talkin crap about her. So she punchewd me in the nose. I started bleeding i rammed the lockers. I started hitting her, Scratching punching. Then she kicked me in the gut and i fell to the floor. She bent down, My...
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    I went to cape Cod last weekend..And guess what i saw (pics)

    I went to cape Cod over the weekend and the whole Salt bay on the beach (We have a house thats right down the street from one if you look in the yeard you can see the beach..I HATE THE CAPE..We live in west yarmouth)So i was walkin along on it it was like so sad and quiet.The whole ocean bay was...
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    Axel, why?

    WHY THE HECK DID THEY HAVE TO KILL MY LOVE? He was so hott <3 <3 <3 <3 I LooooooooooooooOOVVED him I didnt think any of the organization members had to die (cept saiix..he was just damn crazy and was OBSESSED with the moon) I never saw demyx in xastle oblivion..I never foughtt marluxia or...
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    Who Playes Sora And Axel

    I really dont know I do know that kairi and roxas can sing (sora unfortunatly...) Roxas=Jessie mcartney Kairi-Hayden peniteare (or howebever you spell it) Can you help me out i wanna see and know the nameds of the people who play sora and axel! Please!
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Re: Caonfusion..Organization 13 theory Lol...This is interesting..And yes i do have a huge TV and i like it. When he said "silence traitor" He was talking to roxas. Becauise in the beginning He was walking from memory skyscraper,And axel was leaning on the wall and Roxas said he wanted to find...
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Re: Caonfusion..Organization 13 theory I dont know how I took it with my camera...HOQW DO I MAKE IT SMALLER! can you do it for me an PM me it plz!
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Re: Caonfusion..Organization 13 theory But i swear when they die...A little heart goes up..as well as after yuo defeat a HEARTLESS A HEART goes up. WTF
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    OFFICIAL!:Cheesy lines from KH2

    Ok in this thread post the person who said it and the line heres mine Saiix:Are you angry?Do you hate me? Saiix:If i had a heart this would be the part that i would DIE of laughter Mad cheesy. Anything else?
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Re: Caonfusion..Organization 13 theory Well Then demyx is dumb because he said that they to do have hearts...And im begining to wonder if the japanese people have anmesia(no offense) BUT YOU JUST SAID THAT THEY DO HAVE HEARTS
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Ok do they have hearts or not? Becuase according to demyx: Demyx:Oh we do to have hearts,Dont be mad. BUT according to Axel: Axel:My hearts just wouldnt be in it,Havent got one And according to saiix: saiix:If i had a heart,This would be the part that i would die of laughter(cheesy) And...
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    Hillaroius Videos!

    Hilarous KH videos Please watch!+Includes my Org. hot list! I was browsing youtube for vids and i came across these hillaroius little videos! Chjeck it out! Axel wont admit hes in love ]with roxas] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgpyDay3K90 Saixs hips dont lie...
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    Is he gonna press charges on them?

    OMFG i am so scared..What do i do? Today, my best friend alexandra..Me trisha, melanie and chadler were all called down 2 the office.. Apparently.... Melanie said she was gonna hit trisha. SHe admitted it.Trish walks up to our table at lunch..AND CONFRONTS MELANIE. everyone crowds around. The...
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    OMG guess what! SCARY STORY!

    We had ANOTHER fight yeasterday(that makes 10..new record!) Todays my sisters birthday AND OMG amy social studies teacher will ALWAYS SING she will walk across the room "to the left to the left" Or "akon and young jeezy" or "you had a bad day" Not pretty. Alvberto walk sinto ss late and he...
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    What is wrong with KH2?

    I thought it was easy and ur starting to piss me off cauze ur accusing me of spamming when i am asing a simple question.
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    Kingdom hearts 2......Too easy?

    Lol...I finished the game in prud mode 2wice i just did...
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    Help/Support ► Need dating advice like now

    I kiked him in the balls 4 times 2 day! ^.^ Yay me i told him to leave me the ---- alone cuz he called my BEST friend a b---- cuz he told her that he was gonna take meh to the dance and grind on me cuz apparently i wanna go w/ him.(NO) So i punched him then i kiked him! He was like ahh stop i...
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    What is wrong with KH2?

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    What is wrong with KH2?

    You know how sora:wub: Gets new keyblades ery time he goes to a world? WELL WHY THE HECK DONT DONALD AND GOOFY GET A NEW SHEDILD AND STAFF TOO? What else is wrong w/ this game? (I also thing that Tifa wAS not needed) AND WHY THE SHELL DO WE HAVE TO FIGHT XEMNAS LIKE 6 TIMES IN A ROW BEC...