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    Terra-Mysterious Figure Help

    I'm trying to platinum BBS, and the last thing I need to do is defeat the Mysterious Figure as Terra on Proud Mode. Unfortunately, Terra sucks. I'm on level 67 (I beat him as Aqua and Ven at about level 50), and the best I can do is get down to two health bars before he does something ridiculous...
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    Hardest data fight in KH2FM?

    Demyx, no doubt. Stupid water clones can only die from magic.
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    Did anyone else cry a bit?

    Did anyone else shed a tear during the credits of 358/2 Days when it said "Dedicated to the loving memory of Wayne Allwine"? I did. It just made me realize that the Mickey Mouse that I grew up with is gone. I thought it was a sweet dedication and with Sanctuary playing in the background it was...
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    I agree. Something along those lines are probably going to happen with Ven and Sora, but having the same ending to all three stories would be kinda stupid and lazy.
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    I hate Anti Form! I thought it was really annoying.
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    BbS Cover at TGS?

    Is it likely that the cover of Birth by Sleep will be revealed at TGS? By cover, I mean the cover of the case that the game will come in. I like this one: If they just inserted the logo in the logo in the top right corner above Terra's head. Has anything been said on the matter...
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    A Few BbS Voice Confirmations?

    Looking here: Kingudamu hâtsu: Bâsu bai surîpu (2009) (VG) - Full cast and crew It shows a few English voice actors. Kevin Michael Richardson as Gantu Tress MacNeille as Merrywheather and Anastasia Chris Sanders as Stitch Susanne Blakeslee as Maleficent, Flora, and Lady Tremaine Tress...
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    Ven is NOT Roxas or Sora

    Yeah, no one has said that they think they're the same person. They have a connection, because this isn't like how Xion and Aqua look like Kairi, Ven looks EXACTLY like Roxas, so it isn't recycled character design.
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    possible relationship!?

    For some reason, they don't seem to hint at couples that unless they were already hinted at in their own game or film, like Mickey and Minnie, Cloud and Aerith. I don't think it'll come up, and I hope it doesn't. The story is fine without any romance in it. That's actually what kind of turned me...
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    Birth by Sleep, um...Mouth-ing?

    Okay, I don't really know how to put this so it doesn't sound weird, but, in Birth by Sleep, will the mouth-ing of the words be synched to English, so that it looks like they're saying the words that they actually are, instead of having English audio and Japanese video? Does that make sense...
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    Erase Me (Ven's Request)

    Maybe by "erasing" whatever it is Aqua (or whoever he was asking) was being asked to erase, the effect would turn him into an Unverse. And if it IS Aqua, it seems that she really cares for Ven, so I don't think that she would do it.
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    why ven looks like roxas

    It says in 358/2 Days that some of Sora's memories were leaked out and lost forever, and this was before he ever met Roxas, so that's why he didn't recognize Roxas
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    Mirror World?

    I'm excited now! There better be a Magic Mirror-giant face-flame-engulfed boss battle now!
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    Mirror World?

    I like that idea, but why would the Mirror be showing it to her? I guess it never really said in the movie if the Mirror was evil...it only did what it was told. Maybe it's Maleficent trying to prove that Terra succumbs to darkness.
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    Mirror World?

    In the BBS trailer on the official website, it shows Aqua looking at the Magic Mirror from Snow White, then she does a cool backflip and shields her eyes from a light flashing from the mirror, then a weird blue-ish orb floats into the mirror. This got me thinking-when it shows the blue orb, Aqua...
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    More screenshots from BBS official site

    Cinderella holding Ven! Awesome!
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    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview I'm definitely turned off by this battle system description. I despised the gameplay in Crisis Core, and this sounds like Crisis Core mixed with Chain of Memories, both of which I hated.
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    BbS Summons

    Yeah, true, but I would just like to see some new ones instead of having Genie for a fourth time
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    BbS Summons

    Okay, so, for me, summons have been completely useles in this series, save for one occasion with Tinker Bell, and I think that they need to be revamped for the next game. Summons are WAY more useful in the FF games. I would like to see less summons like Genie Dumbo Bambi Mushu Chicken Little...
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    Terra, Aqua and Ven's "Symbol"

    Okay, so on Terra's belt and Ven and Aqua's chests, they each have a symbol that look a lot like an upside-down Nobody symbol, except Terra's is yellow. I think that Terra's is different from Aqua's and Ven's because he is the superior of the three, as in he is the oldest, or has had the most...