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    Am I the only person that prefers The Thirteenth Order to Organization 13?

    I just think it's a better name, and it should have stuck :/
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    i cant get final form!!!

    Isn' t it random? Just keep levelling up (make sure you have 5 drive bars).
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    wheres the last treasure in radiant garden?

    Doesn't it depend what you consider to be the 'last' one? I dunno - I've not got FM+ :(
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    Limit Form Info

    In Limit form, you get Sora's clothes from KH1 (with a few slight differences) and quite alot of his abilities that aren't in KH2 generally.
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    My Thoery on KH2 FM+ Secret Ending

    It's a good theory (and it's backed up by quite alot of evidence) - but there are so many theories like this so it's not all that original. Like Eternal Oblivion said; there is another [and many more] thread like this.
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    What Disney Boss would you most like to see in the next KH game?

    I decided to do this after a board I saw talking about the ULTIMATE boss. So, I'm just curious to see what boss you'd most like to see from a Disney film.
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    Fanfiction ► Tips on skill building: Giving your story emotional weight

    Great tips - I'll definitely be using these for my writing, Thanks! ^^;
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    Okay - Since when has it been confirmed that the secret ending is before KH?

    There are people flaming good theories, just because they state that the secret ending takes place after KH. If anything, there's stronger proof that it's after the series - because we KNOW that Sora & Riku will have to make an appearance in the game (this was stated by Nomura in an interview)...