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    Dumbest Kingdom Hearts story summary?

    Mickey Mouse and spiky haired teen saves the multiverse by beating embodiments of darkness with oversized keys.
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    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    So... No one is going to mention that the phrasing (at least when translated to english) is the exact same he used about the relation between Kairi and Namine? How did that end up again?
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    News ► Rutger Hauer, voice of Master Xehanort, dies at 75

    While not a Leonard Nimoy, I think he did a great job for Xehanort. Something about the less raspy voice and slightly higher pitched voice still worked for the character. Aside from that one awkward line during the final battle, I would say that he did a fantastic job. Rest in Peace, Rutger...
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    I just love how there are more mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts III than the average Mario game.

    Uhm... You do know that mushrooms grows everywhere as long as they have access to damp earth and some shadow to grow, right? So them finding shrooms everywhere kinda makes sense, since they are searching for foodstuff for Remy and therefore picking up a bunch due to the worlds they visit, have...