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    The answer to Aqua,Terra,Ven (I think)

    One problem with that: A nobody is a body AND a soul. With no soul, the nobody would just be.. well, a body. A /DEAD/ body. :P If 'Chasers' were to be, then their Nobody would not. The name Chasers makes you think of a soul /looking/ for a body to inhabit though. I just don't think so. =3 I...
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    therories for 358/2 Days

    I believe 358 is the amount of days Roxas lived before he was brain-wiped and sent to the fake Twilight Town, and the 2 stands for 2 hearts gained by Org members. Roxas and someone else. :3
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    Thoughts About The Meaning Behind The Title '358/2 Days'

    Not quite. I believe: It is a quota. 358 is the number of days Roxas lives before Twilight-Townization.. I believe 2 is the number of hearts that actually made it to actual Organization members. The first one.. I think Roxas got a heart somewhere along the line, whether he knew he did or...