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    What are the Heartless doing here?

    i was gonna say that, its the fact that nobodies reside between dark and light, so they can control heartless not only cuz their stronger but that they have darkness aswell, and it dont mean they need darkness in their hearts cuz nobodies dont have hearts, its just that the nobodies are a...
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    What are the Heartless doing here?

    i just think that saix is the one one that demonstrated that those who are strong can control the heartless
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    stop+gravity cards? pleeease help

    well u just need a calm bounty card in a certain world nuthing more, ummmm let me think i believe its agraba for gravity and stop in wonderland, just use the calm bounty cards, if u dont get it the first time teh second time u will get, cuz sumtimes there are slieghts u get instad
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    Post Your Deck

    My Deck isnt to bad, i found if u avoid getting the sleights u can have 1900 CP witch i think is more useful so here are my stats and all cards are in order of the deck. Lvl:99 HP:560 CP:1890/1900 Cards: Total Amount : 43 cards OathKeeper #9 x 9 Oblivion #9 x 9 Ultima Weapon #9 x 3 Cloud #9...
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    What are the Heartless doing here?

    its very simple, the organization control the heartless as well as hte nobodies, dont u remember back in hollow bastion in KH2 Xehanort even said that the heartless obey the strong, they act on instinct and since the nobodies are neither light nor dark they can control the dark if they want
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    Profile Music

    Ya sry about posting it in teh wrong forum, but they used to have music u could buy from teh rpg store and put on ur public profile, im not sure why is was put off cuz i had a site (really crappy nvr finished it) and u could put music on teh profile, i nvr had to pay, it was a free site, a lil...
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    Ask me for Help

    ok well beating sephiroth is just a small part, there is a secret ending and u need to complete jiminy's journal in order to get it, sephiroth is in hollow bastion where u see maleficent being attacked by the nobodies, thats where sephiroth is waiting, u have to beat him and then go back to town...
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    Strength and others

    well i made this cuz i dont know how high the strength can really go, i wanna find out who has put the most time in getting it so high and im about to give up cuz i dont know if there is a cap, im at 155 right now, and the others i will eventually start working on, but if sumone wants to tell...
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    this shoudlnt even be in teh KH forum, why doesnt a mod close this down, i mean its ruining it for all the KH fans that Havent played KH2 yet
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    why isnt this discusion in the spoiler part of KH2, i mean this isnt even relavent to KH its just u cuys complaining that they made a diff story to KH2 geez lighten up liste to Yen Sid next time u play dude
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    wat are u talking about, im confused, which Goddess cup are u talking about teh Paradox or the regular, and have u got the one from the moogle shop, or The worl that nvr was
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    Ask me for Help

    well its simple, have jackpot equiped, and jsut keep using him, u can summon him 2 times in a battle, and use ukelele like as much as possible, i got mega points np, just use stitch and u should get more then enough and as for axel, i cant really tell u anything, i mean proud mode just makes the...
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    Glide, and stats

    i dont know if there is another thread like this, but i noticed as long as ur on even ground, u nvr land from glide, i was circling for like 5 mins and still didnt land, and about the stats, i dont know how high ur stats like strength and magic all i know is it goes higher then 100, cuz my...
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    question about Hades Paradox

    nah jsut the hades Cup, and it is jiminy's journal for u to get 15k
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    Ask me for Help

    lol ya i know, but i just figured to just put it on for fun, helping is wat i enjoy, i just hope people will start asking for more help im getting bored
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    ya u did it perfect, and sry i did sorta skim through it cuz im to lazy to read
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    Final form

    ya sry about that i just figured it was the different battle, but ur right, i apologies
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    u have it the wrong way to lvl up the wisdom though, since u dont get exp in tournements, i would just go to the world that nvr was, on the first save point, and just travel through the city and ull find nuhting but shadows, so u dont really have to look, its simple, and just make sure that u...
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    Ask me for Help

    i sure hope sumone will ask a question soon, i will just give a faq where u can get the Orichalcum+ are because i c alot of threads 1st. Its at the Central Computer Mesa in Space Paranoids 2nd. On a building in Sunset Terrace 3rd. Finish the Starry Hill in 100 Acre Woods 4th. Finish A New Day...
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    Best place to level up all summons? (And a really good Final would be good too)

    i have a great stradegy to lvl up summons fast and easy, i found this out on my own, go into the dungoun of beasts castle and summon the genie, turn him into master form, and go into the next room with all teh gargoyle heartless, wait till his guage is just half empty and use the limit he does...