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  1. Not Ienzo

    What *are* Anti Sora and Sora's Shadow?

    From what I've seen I think Anti Sora is indeed a Pureblood Heartless. There seems to be more than one too since Sora's Heartless turns into one in Re:coded and there are Anti Sora's in 3D too. Also there's Anti Riku and Anti Saix which, like Anti Sora, are Heartless doppelgangers of Riku and...
  2. Not Ienzo

    Things You Love and Hate In KH2.

    Love: Roxas's arc. The music. While not my favourite compared to the rest of the series overall, it's still amazing. The gameplay. The 1000 Heartless scene. Hate: SORA DONALD AND GOOFY SORA DONALD AND GOOFY SORA DONALD AND- How Roxas is pushed aside for most of the game when he's...
  3. Not Ienzo

    Unpopular Opinions About Chain of Memories

    I think Org XIII were best portrayed in this game, personally. And like others, I really think the worlds are way too repetitive for their own good but at least everything else in Castle Oblivion kept me hooked.
  4. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    I read somewhere that Riku was supposed to be the main character earlier on but I wasn't sure if it was true. XD I don't really mind having a Roxas game since I like him as a character and I wanted more Org XIII interactions. But at the same time Riku would have been a good main character since...
  5. Not Ienzo

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts ~ Different Sides (358/2 Days AU)

    Kingdom Hearts ~ Different Sides A 358/2 Days AU in which Riku is the lead of the story. The story will also have lots of focus on Roxas’s perspective during his time in the Organization as he tries to figure out his past. I was going to originally not have Xion in the story at all, but...
  6. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    EDIT: Feel free to ignore this. I just really wanted to write my thoughts down since I've been writing a 358/2 Days AU with Riku as the lead. You can read it in the link below shameless self-advertising ftw...
  7. Not Ienzo

    Ansem SoD NOT being Ansem a Retcon or a Plot Twist?

    Honestly after playing 3D I'm confused why he even took Ansem's name in the first place. I don't really see how it could have been an identity crisis since 3D revealed that he never even lost his memory and he was self-aware of who he was (then again maybe it was Braig assuming things...? I...
  8. Not Ienzo

    Ansem SoD NOT being Ansem a Retcon or a Plot Twist?

    I'd call it a plot twist because it didn't necessarily change any plot points from KH1. Even though him actually being Xehanort's Heartless was kinda unnecessary and didn't need to happen, they didn't necessarily change the continuity of KH1 to make it possible. I'd say Riku's reason for wanting...
  9. Not Ienzo

    What if Riku was the lead?

    I would have loved to see blindfold Riku exploring the Disney worlds being all angsty and brooding but that's just me. XD On a more serious note, I think it could have worked personally. Riku could have tried to persuade Roxas to rejoin with Sora and Xion to give Sora his memories back, and in...
  10. Not Ienzo

    What if Roxas looked like Sora?

    Honestly if Roxas was an almost identical copy of Sora like the other Organization members, I wouldn't like it. I don't think it would have been well received either, but I can't speak for everyone. I don't think KH2 wouldn't have changed much, but it would have really affected the future of it...
  11. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    Lol a Riku based anime sounds interesting. I'd totally watch it. Then again a KH anime in general would be nice but I don't think that'll ever happen.
  12. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    Xion as a villain (or at least not evil, but having a more antagonistic role) sounds pretty cool. o.o Well, that's true. He probably could have done stuff but nope, he didn't really do anything until the very end.
  13. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    Honestly I wonder what Days would have been like if Riku was the main character of that game instead if he was then it technically couldn't even be called 358/2 Days, lmao. And sadly I lack Nomura's beautiful insanity needed to make a title for it. Xion could have still been in there and the...
  14. Not Ienzo

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I beat KH 1.

    That's great! It always feels good going against an epic final boss. Good luck with the extra bosses too. XD
  15. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    I don't think Xion is entirely to blame for that, but it really would have been nice to actually know more about the other members. I think more screen-time for them in general would have been nice. QAQ Even if we didn't get any backstory, it would have been nice to actually see them interact...
  16. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    I disagree with the notion that Axel was the black hole of Days. He was a main character with an established friendship with Roxas so of course he was going to be there. Xion has way more influence in the overall story since she's connected to Roxas and Sora, she influenced Roxas to leave the...
  17. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    I didn't expect this to get so many replies. XD Honestly I don't see why Namine couldn't have had a bigger focus. It's not me being like "oh I like Namine more than Xion". I just think it would have made more sense because a) Namine knows stuff about Roxas's past, and obviously Roxas would want...
  18. Not Ienzo

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    Recently after re-watching a few scenes from Days, it made me wonder...what would Days be like if Xion didn't exist at all, and it instead focused solely on Roxas and Axel? First of all, as to whether I like Xion or not...I don't know, lmao. My feelings towards her are very conflicted. There...
  19. Not Ienzo

    Birth by Sleep: Jump Festa 2008 Trailer

    I could be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that originally Terra was going to work with/for Maleficent for some reason? Kinda like what Riku did in KH1.
  20. Not Ienzo

    Wasn't it kinda stupid to throw Ventus off the cliff?

    Sorry if this is off topic, but bringing that up kinda makes me wonder why Saix even told Sora that killing Heartless helped their goal in the first place. o.o It didn't really do anything to help the Organization, it just made Sora more reluctant to kill Heartless, and of course he kept killing...