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    someone there speaks spanish ? aqui alquien habla español

    pm me if some one talks spanish trying to find all spanish spekers
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    nomura's interview?

    CODED INTERVIEW ---About the line, "their torment has been lessened"; whenever a mission is completed, does that wound heal? Tabata: It's not as simple as that. Nomura: When you advance to the next stage, a movie event is shown. I think the beginning of the latest trailer reflected it, the...
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    +Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Club+

    Hey ppl this is the first yu yu hakusho fanclub in this forum the ppl who watch yu yu hakusho and are fans of : Yusuke Urameshi Keiko Yukimura Kazuma Kuwabara Botan Koenma Kurama Hiei Genkai Yukina Info of the main characters: Yusuke Urameshi: He dies after saving a small child from...
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    who is the best organizacion character?

    who do yo think is the best of then all? 1. Xemnas 2. Xigbar 3. Xaldin 4. Vexen 5 Lexaeus 6. Zexion 7. Saix 8. Axel 9. Demyx ( the gay) 10. Luxord 11. Marluxia 12. Larxene 13. Roxas 14. Xion For me is Axel lol xD who is urs?
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    Your Favorite ► who is ur favorite character in KH???

    Just make a list of your 1-10 favirote characters [ 10 being the least favirote ] Heres mine 1. Riku 2. Axel 3. Mickey 4. Sora 5. Leon 6. Roxas 7. Cloud 8. Goofy 9. Donald 10.Tifa
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 facts and rumors

    As some of you may know kingdom hearts 3 is in the planning stages and i have information from a very reliable source, however as the game is in such early stages of development i suggest you take the information with a pinch of salt. the first section of the game is set in both the past and...
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    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Re: La Compilation des Histoires de Reino Corazones in the story axel what is his goal?
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    New news about KH birth by sleep

    The new installement of the Kingdom Hearts series for the PSP, explaining the deep past of Kingdom Hearts, we are introduced by 3 characters, Ven, Terra and Aqua, Ven has a relation with Sora, Ven means air, as Sora means wind, which are the same; Aqua means water, and Kairi means ocean, which...
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    hey guys i need help with the un birth i dont understand that in birth by sleep they are diferente heartless call unbirth i cant understan that what is the order in KH is 1.KH1 2.RE:chain of memories 3,358/2 days then whats next?