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  1. Luxu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Now it makes so much sense that spoke very few words.
  2. Luxu

    What is the purpose of the Player character now?

    The story of Union Cross is now focused around the endeavors of the "somewhat but not quite" Union Leaders. This renders the character you play and experience the journey through as rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things. They don't seem to further the story in anyway, and only partake...
  3. Luxu

    I will post confessions...

    The amount of confessions will be based on amount of replies on this thread... Let the embarrassment begin! <3 Confession 1: I'm afraid of losing a loved one, being outside in the dark...alone...And, I have a semi-phobia of spiders. Confession 2: I'm extremely passive-aggressive when mad...
  4. Luxu

    Who do you think the Black Coat in the KHUX Art is?

    Even though this is extremely outdated. I just want your opinions. Personally, I think it is either our Player or Strelitzia.
  5. Luxu

    BREAKING NEWS: 17 year old male discovers fire in KHIIFM

    Both. I am in the limbo state of both surprised, yet doubtful.
  6. Luxu

    BREAKING NEWS: 17 year old male discovers fire in KHIIFM

  7. Luxu

    The W🌎KE Thread

    Talk about how W🌎KE you are in this thread... Before the Illuminati gets to us.
  8. Luxu

    Ranking of Keyblade Wielder strength

    I am making this list for the fun of it, however it will be as accurate as possible. Spots can also be shared if deemed necessary...Which is going to happen a lot Feats are how the ranking is going to go, like always. Certain people will be missing if they have a Keyblade, but haven't had any...
  9. Luxu

    Worst KH pairing?

    Kairi didn't get the Keyblade from Aqua, she got if from Yen Sid who did the ceremony on her while she was a child.
  10. Luxu

    Worst KH pairing?

    Most of the ships in KH either make no sense or just aren't a good idea. Like Xion x Roxas...They are basically the same person, how would that work exactly? Also, people who mistake being best friends for romance. I see people ship Roxas and Axel all the time, they are only best friends...
  11. Luxu

    Help/Support ► Sudden anxiety about

    An app called "S.A.M" exists. Use that for some help with anxiety, at least to a certain extent. And remember, you can always talk about it.
  12. Luxu

    Eraqus isn't getting enough hate?

    Are we not going to question how Sora is going to defeat someone like that? But, back on topic... Darkness is naturally stronger than Light, however the Light has less drawbacks than that of Darkness. But, I doubt that Xehanort knows the concept of holding back that small "pepper spray" was 100%...
  13. Luxu

    Eraqus isn't getting enough hate?

    If Darkness can corrode the heart and take over a person. Who says that Light can't do the same thing? Only Princesses of Heart would be immune to the effects of course.
  14. Luxu

    Who gave Keyblades to the Keyblade Wielders in Daybreak Town? *THEORY*

    This is going to contain a lot of theorizing, now is your chance to turn back if you don't like long pages of quotes. This strange voice, is what seemingly grants us the Keyblade. Only after picking the Union that we desire, we get given the Keyblade. Now, why does this matter? Well, something...
  15. Luxu

    Is Sora at his most happiest in DDD? *spoilers*

  16. Luxu

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    Honestly, I may like Xion (A little) But, it would've been a whole of a lot better for Roxas to have found out himself. Like, he discovers why he was needed in the Organization and was treated like a mere tool compared to the others. They could've still added Xion, but make her a lot less of a...
  17. Luxu

    List of Union Cross predictions

    *WARNING! TAKE THESE ALL WITH A GRAIN OF SALT! THEY ARE WHAT I THINK CAN HAPPEN! NOT MADE TO START AN ARGUMENT!* No. 1: Maleficent manages to take the Players medals away (Credit goes to DefiantHeart) Maleficent takes away the Player's only source of power (Medals), and the Player is stuck...
  18. Luxu

    Why Data-Sora's Keyblade is real (But a different kind of real)

    Data Sora...He did pull off something only Sora/Roxas, and the MoM pulled off. But I have a lurking suspension that Keyblades from the Chi-era are different from the current line of games. But Data Sora's Keyblade is the newest in the series thus far. The Oblivion and Oathkeeper that Roxas...
  19. Luxu

    The Realm of Sleep Explained

    No, no...You have it correct. I think they just mean that its implied to be in the RoD. Because Daybreak Town still exists, and Ava even said so herself its a world of dreams...So....
  20. Luxu

    Who do you think inherented the Book of Prophecies in Union X Cross?

    Answer who you think it is, and discuss of why you think it's the person you picked. I think I might know who, as only one person fits the "dangerous" description. But that is for another time. So discuss down below!