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  1. Aly-chan

    LOL HI

    I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI- o yea caps aren't aloud here. |D
  2. Aly-chan

    Fanfiction ► >>[K|H|I] Heroes: Interventions//

    Everyone in the house says woot, so guess Aly says. Woot.
  3. Aly-chan

    Fanfiction ► Writing activity

    On NU's first post, I'd say ( She wanted this comment, through it may be a stupid opinion.) that the only things I may be disliking is the switching of the sentence's structure/grammar/whatev. It seems like you were thinking a bit too hard about what to write in that part of your session. I...
  4. Aly-chan

    Fanfiction ► What have you done? [The realistic fanfiction]

    so lol i forgot about this thread. I emptied this fic and decided to start allll over. >:D Here we gooo; she wanted to change the world; with her female hands Trial one; it started with… A girl. She sprinted into the darkness, huffing for more air. She could care less of what she was...
  5. Aly-chan

    Fanfiction ► Paradise!

    >:3 Just few misspellings in the first chapter, but I love what you have so far, hun!
  6. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► This is embarrassing.

    I wasn't exactly mad at him. I was hurt enough to be frustrated with the concept of how he's treating her. Because right now, he doesn't know that she's going depressed. You could say I was mad at him when it first began, but otherwise, I'm not totally in this until I actually confront him about...
  7. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► This is embarrassing.

    z0mg yeah drama already and school started 5 days ago. So... Brooke, one of my best friends, has this problem. She told a guy.. I'll refer to him as Jar, she told him a personal secret. It was so personal, she hadn't told ME yet. Very personal. She told him over the phone and he had secretly...
  8. Aly-chan

    so uh yeah

    OMG OMG GUESS WHAT GUYS.... You'll never guess who's RoxasGasms is. Seriously? It's BATTLECRY! She said she's coming back because of summer; so Monkey and I decided she should come to a welcoming thread...well Monkey decided and told me to do it. >_>; As a bestest friend, I hope you enjoy...
  9. Aly-chan

    Fanfiction ► Capital G

    hay hay I liked it. Though I feel the same as Ninja Usagi about the 'small text; hard on eyes'. (What she said in the chat thingy). My chink eyes are not perfect as they are supposed to be. *adjusts glasses err- contacts- I like the idea of it though. It's not often you see a fanfic that's not...
  10. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► I'm free. I'm free as a bird.

    <3 I hope you really are having fun. It must have been hard dealing with the fact that your mom was fighting for you for just the money. 'Tis not right, m'dear. <3 No problem. I like helping my friends out, I guess. It comes with my unselfishness. ._.
  11. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Family Problems Suck.

    I can see you posted probably; but how could you not know what you thought she did? You clearly said she 'probably' did something. And I was just curious what you thought she did. Since you didn't post it. Because I was thinking you were relating to my post about the 'father & daughter talk'...
  12. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Family Problems Suck.

    Who were you talking to again? EDIT No wait. What did her Mom try? :\
  13. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Family Problems Suck.

    RENNYYY D8 I just think you need to take a minute, by yourself, in a quiet place; you need to think about the situation rather than thinking of your mom. If you want your mom to not be upset, don't show her the side of you that's upset because...she's upset. If she sees you like this, it will...
  14. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Struggling for social acceptance.

    um uhhhh Okay, if you feel this way, just tell her what you feel. Just try, rather than worrying about what might happen. You're afraid of rejection that might happen when you have no clue of how rejection feels. Trust me. You think you hurt now, but if she did reject you'll feel like total...
  15. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Struggling for social acceptance.

    so uh that's a big page. imma just go ahead and post what i was goin' to post before my internet connection ran out ~8D h'okay First off, get that icky feeling that you aren't liked by anyone. If people don't like you, so what? They can't hurt you unless you let them. Unless they actually...
  16. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► The Inner Workings of a Possible Madman.

    Seems to me someone has to grow up. She can't really make you stay away from 'her' friends. :\ They're not a prize to be won or a toy to be played with. But oh well. Well, sometimes who you want isn't the person you are made for. I had that happen to me once; I said I liked him but he simply...
  17. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Worried

    Uh I don't see it either. I MUST HAVE INSULTED HER TOO. :< Aly is ridiculous. lol if it was the sentence when he said : if you loved Cloud it'd be like loving a piece of paper and forty year mean. or something like that. x_x Oh and guess what! I continued it. Aly was the insulter. :< <3 Ari...
  18. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Worried

    And if he did.... I dunno. o_O Jerome would probably avoided this thread as much as possible unless... I threatened him with a bug....to be exact a spider. :> But I won't. Sometimes, Ari, you have to figure out what to do on your own. It builds character. =3 You be strong like bull. >O
  19. Aly-chan

    Help/Support ► Worried

    We can't really stay on topic, because one: We have no idea what happened. We have two different views of the situation. But I will take that cookie Guardian was passing out. ;)