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    Silver head guy is antagonist of coded and secret boss of BbS

    there are several silver head guys which one are we talking about???
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    think King Mickey should be playable in BbS??

    I don't think Mickey should be a playble character yet. We should untill like KH3 or somthing for when we think soras dead and we use the king and sora comes back or somthing haha idk.
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    Mickey in Radiant Garden

    Well this is a GAME throught soras time in KH1 and COM he NEVER changed his cloths. Basicly what happend with the rest of the characters was they took their showers and there cloths were washed every week or so. But they cut those scenes out because fan girls would die of shock and happiness...
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    a question on the bbs opening

    It kind of makes sense if the did that. New Moon did somthing similar didn't they?
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    Disney Castle in KH1

    Basicly Square was too lazy to professionally make it a NON acsessible world and such.
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    Zexion's Death

    Just throwing this out their, is it possible Zexy might come back? I may be just hoping but you never know. Lol
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    Best Organization Members in CoM

    Zexion and Axel my too faves lol i hate that Zexion had to go so early -_-
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    The worlds

    Well, I've been thinking about it. Remmember what Kairi's grandma said about a world being filled with light and how people began fighting over it? And how she said that the hearts of children remained and made there own worlds but seperate? Well maybe in KH3 the job of the keyblade wielders...
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    how to beat marluxia

    thats pretty much it mate.
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    Did you waste your money?

    i didnt mind much..
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    magna foreshadowing?

    OK im sorry if this should have been in future KH but it wasn't sure....here it goes..i was reading KH2 magna today and i saw when roxas's second day at twilight town when he was playing with the stick saying "come forth,come forth.......what was the point in that?" the come forth come forth...
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    KH RE: COM UK?

    i know what u mean if any of u have herd of the hellfirecomms on utube then THEY MUST SEND RE: 2 UK i want to here Ntom and helldragon talk!DX
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    The death of Lexaeus

    ya the scene was in other words........EPIC!!!!
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    mind speaking

    ya games like this always have right moment right time secens
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    Unlock characters on days?

    cant wait 4 us realese !!! beastly0123 whos the dude in ur picture?
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    but didnt roxas see young riku and zexion in there fight??
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    Organization thoughts

    The mystery of Xion is quite simple this is a sopiler but i forgot how to do a spolier button so if u r reading this now look away...............................Xion is an imperfect clone of sora created from his memories that is wat she is
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    Did anyone else think it was annoyoing

    never had a problem with my map cards lol
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    OK i need help with some bonas bosses..just doing cuz im bored i already defated phantom(it made me happy XD) but i still have ice titan sepheroith and that thing from Agrabah i need stratigeies anything i already have ulltima weapon 2 leave a post plz.
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    Am I the only one...

    In ReCom i loved the voices and Rikus hair in KH2 and Rikus body in KH2 and he be MINE XD