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  1. flurryflames

    Editorial ► Where Does Kingdom Hearts Go From Here?

    Huh? I didn't know that Xion was criticitized in 358/2days. I am sorry to say Noruma, but you did disappoint me with the theater mode.
  2. flurryflames

    Lea Discussion

    Re: Ok everyone...Lea gets.. The thing is it was an wooden keyblade, not real and fake one. That wouldn't grant him any power to wield one. (Terra's keyblade was a real one when he recited to Riku.) If it was then he would of been able to summon it instead of chakrams. Master Xehanort has a...
  3. flurryflames

    (SPOILER, I guess) Where and when does the human form of the Org. members appear when recreated?

    Yes they may be douchebags, but there is always a motivation of why someone does something. Xigbar maybe on Xeohanort's side, but he seems pretty unstable at times. if he finds out that Lea has something that he wants I am sure he will think about his actions since he still has parts of his...
  4. flurryflames

    Isa's loyalty

    That is the interesting thing about their creation. He wanted nobodies who can think for themselves in a way with the discretion that he wanted to keep his true plan under wraps. He didn't want robots. it is ironic that the whole thing got changed around on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.
  5. flurryflames

    (SPOILER, I guess) Where and when does the human form of the Org. members appear when recreated?

    That is my consumption as well. MX seems to have control over the other hooded members when he looks at them. In fact I didn't even see Saix was there until he jumped out of his seat and then materialized his Claymore.
  6. flurryflames

    News ► Vincent Corazza and Richard Epcar Not Reprising Roles in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX?

    Where do people get the information about the VAs? Prince blew up on the fans? Damn yep definity I can see that side of Vexen from him. Did he not think that anyone who VA's from Kingdom Hearts wouldn't be popular or to some people be known some kind of celebrity in the fans eyes? I know the...
  7. flurryflames

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Screenshots from 4Gamer!

    Luxord is Normura's favorite organization character where it stated it in one of the Ultimatums, and Luxord did have more scenes and more missions than some of the members. He was in Wonderland alot, but still had more scenes and interaction with Roxas than some of the nobodies.
  8. flurryflames

    Isa's loyalty

    Very true. Xemnas wanted to get rid of either the suspects and some fo the weakest links. Either the orders came from Xenmas or not, Saix may have thought that Zexion was a threat considering he is an master illusionist and schemer, and couldn't chance him to be alive. He didn't trust him and...
  9. flurryflames

    News ► Vincent Corazza and Richard Epcar Not Reprising Roles in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX?

    If they included the scene in the flashback/memory where it shows Zexion at Distiny Island talking to Xion/Sora then Vincent Corrazza would have to return to voice Zexion because it was an actual cutscene. I feel that he can't' talk about it yet. Alot of VA's actors are under the can't diclose...
  10. flurryflames

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Screenshots from 4Gamer!

    I just love all the screen shots, especially of the organization ones. Yay we have a Demyx screen shot now. Now please give me the interaction with he and Axel, including them both sitting on the lounge chairs. Demyx has a good relationship with Roxas after all. He also is good terms with Axel...
  11. flurryflames

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix Jump Festa Trailer

    I think they did an awesome job. With Kingdom Heart Remix hopefully they have I don't understand this fish face business, but whatever it doesn't matter to me. Really looking forward to the 100 or so over cut scenes for days. Hopefully it has more Demyx scene including Axel with him. I would...
  12. flurryflames

    Protectors of Light

    Knowing Normua it isn't what will all assume. Personally I don't want a bunch of data clones being the ones to stop Xeohanort and his darknesses. I don't want anything to be too predictible and Lea staying on the good side instead of being the wild card when he was in fact Axel makes it too...
  13. flurryflames

    My List of the XIII Darknesses.

    i feel that Xigbar/Briag, and Saix/Isa aren't time traveled at all. Briag told Sora that they weren't in a dream state when they invited them to TWTNW .They may be the present ones.They were not at the radient garden castle, so it wouldn't make sense other wise. Ironically all of the nobodies...
  14. flurryflames

    Ok so Big Daddy Xemnas said...

    Demyx seems to have another side or personality. In the oringal japanese he basically told Sora to go to hell in a different tone as well. It is like he resented him from leaving the organization. The way I see it he was friendly with Roxas like Axel was. So I feel he would join the side that...
  15. flurryflames

    News ► Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Finally Surfaces!

    So does that mean we will be getting Kingdom Hearts 2 fm as well in some form? So happy about the 100 cutscenes for Days. I heard there were new characters in another interview . If so I hope they include Reno. That would be awesome to have him hopefully meet Axel. XD
  16. flurryflames

    Xehanort's 13

    We haven't seen Yen Sid wield so I don't know what kind of sorcery power he has without using the keyblade. MX we have seen him summon power with his hands. Haven't seen any other key wielder do that yet except Terra, Ventus, and Aqua to summon their armor. That is why I think he could be some...
  17. flurryflames

    The significance of orange/yellow eyes.

    That is tricky to follow. I always thought that the pureblood was a shadow of Xeohanort or protector that Terra Xeohanort had created with rage. Either way it only protects SOD in some form. The Xeohanort are connected so I don't see why it wouldn't appear. The keyblade that Terra Xeohanort...
  18. flurryflames

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    Not quite sure, but perhaps Xenmas came back because MX was separated from him. Isn't Xenmas basically the body and soul of Terra? if so it would make sense why he would still be around. I don't think he was time jumped at all. Xenmas is hard to figure out as he was one of the first ones to...
  19. flurryflames

    Xehanort's 13

    You actually put another thought on this. What about the soul weapons? Could they have some kind of connection to the X blade? You have Master Xeohanort who is in his mind is trying to accomplish the fate of world to stay to its orignal origin by destroying the light and having darkness suceed...
  20. flurryflames

    New Organization XIII

    Throwing time travel in this game is a clinche it seems in video games now a days. I agree that would be really stupid. I find this thing with Vanitas is dumb as well. If he didn't look like a dark version of Sora then I would be find with it. I HATE clones and was disturbed that they did this...