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    Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu (translated)

    As long as I can get my dodge roll back...so i can....ya know...dodge roll everywhere.
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    Larxene was annoying, but not too difficult. That last battle with the replica though....i wanted to break my tv.
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    Wait...we fight Sephiroth in the first game, but when mentioned in the second game....Sora and friends don't have a clue who he is...
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    Why i believe new keyblades are not retcon

    Well, what if they just get different keyblades for the different worlds they visit? Kind of like Sora, he had many different keyblades. Is it wrong that it could be that simple?
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    Organization name change

    Yeah, I was thinking "The Organization" would be the best way to say it since, they were probably always gaining new members. Organization XIII sounds cool though, but I guess they'd just prefer the more practical way.
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    Organization name change

    (sorry if there's already a thread about this, I couldn't find it). So...I've played all the games...and I don't get it. I remember reading somewhere that Days would explain why they changed their name from The Organization to Organization XIII, and yet...I don't remember seeing it anywhere. If...
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    SPOILERS: The Truth behind Ienzo/Vanitas

    Do...do...do you like have anything to back this up...anything at all would be nice...
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    Ienzo is a red herring

    I was thinking the same thing about the nephews, but I just wrote it off as the disney characters don't age. I know about Hercules, and maybe for some reason that's a world that's different...somehow. Maybe it's just the people in Mickey's kingdom that don't age.
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    Well the mostly likely answer is the illusion theory but.... Here's another theory that would be awesome if: Zexion's other/somebody Ienzo still lived through the transition....somehow. I mean hey a boy genius that strong has to have a strong heart. When the organization realized that Zexion...