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    Which Character grew up the most

    I'm gonna say Riku and Kairi. When I played the first Kingdom Hearts for the first time, I thought Riku was a muscular woman. o.o Please don't flame me for being an idiot.
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    Dodge Roll

    I agree. Gimme my dodge roll back! *goes to the set of Planet of the Apes with the Statue of Liberty* Damn you Square-Enix!!! DAMN YOOOUUU!!!!!
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    secret ending

    Ditto!!!:eek: Nearly crapped myself. I accidently maximized the screen instead of closing it. *is breathing very heavily* Heart....race...so....fast.
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    more COM Manga scans FTW!

    When does it come out in NA? I'd really like to know. KH Vol.3 comes out in a couple of weeks in NA and I've recently gotten the date for Vol.4. It comes out July 11, 2006. ^^ Two days after my B-Day!! Bye all!
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    Our Gamestop

    Huh. That's funny. When I went to my GameStop yesterday to pick up my copy (The game is great and I'm still in Twilight Town playing as Roxas! ^^) They had airbrushed t-shirts of Sora, Goofy, and Donald. They were also giving away free cookies the same colors as Sora's Drive forms! I got a...
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    possible demo

    They'd probably have it in the March issus so that you could play the demo, and then go buy the game.
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    resevering kh2

    I've heard a date between late Feb and early March, but I preordered both the strategy guides and the game. The lady at GameStop said there would be a DVD with the Limited Edition strategy guide. The only reason I preordered both guides is because I'm a KH fan junkie/collector. :D
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    Alright, I'm starting this thread because I can answer most of you're questions about Kingdom Hearts. If you need help just ask in this thread and I'll reply as soon as I can, which won't be long. If you're satisfied with the answers that you get, feel free to give me rep points if you don't...
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    Wasn't there a thread started a little while back that said if you were going to post spoilers you had to have the word spoiler in the title? i.e If you found out BHK's real name the title would be like, *SPOILERS BHK's REAL name SPOILERS* What ever happened to that? Did it go away when the made...
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    I hate the spoilers and the only thing that I've seen is the KH 2 intro movie and it's great and there's not many spoilers in it. But seriously, I'm getting tired of theses spoilers popping up in the NON-spoiler section.
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    This is really really really weird

    He's lying. It's not possible. It would have already been discovered by some uber obsessed fanboy (or girl, but highly unlikely). Besides, everyone hates Iplayxbox in the chatroom. xD