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    358/2 days final boss

    The 14th member is the final boss!!
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    Birth by Sleep Glitch

    I dunno...I think this is a pretty fun little find of info. I can see the crown...maybe this is like the king of all hearts or some crap like that. But I do see the crown. And the fireishness.
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    I was bored soo....

    SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My little theory..

    You stole my whole theory...I posted it a while ago...but I guess great minds think alike...
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    His name is Ventus. Nomura said that VEn's name was " a little bit longer'. Ventus is a little bit longer. Plus, Ventus means Wind in Latin. Nomura didnt mean a little bit longer as in Venalslsodnxehanortfdfdbfbdhmansexkairidelavaliel. LAlthough I hope someone else voices Ven. I hate Jesse as a...
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    Terra / Sora relationship.(just theorizing)

    Riku originally had a stronger heart than Sora, but when Riku gave in to the Darkness, the keyblade settled for Sora.
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    Aqua, Ven and Terra's Master?

    I think I will take a guess and say Yen Sid. Why, you say? 1. Because he is old as dirt. 2.He's the one who taught Mickey. 3. He is the one who gave Sora the Starseeker key chain .
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    why does Xehanort look like that?

    Master Xehanort is one is different from the White haired guy we know as Xehanort. They are not the same person. They are two different people. Although why the white haired guy( this is what I am going to call him from now on because that is not his true name.) remembered his Master Xehanorts...
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    Master Xehanort theory.

    I don't see why people see why Terra= Xehanort!!! Terra is Terra!!
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    Master Xehanort theory.

    Thanks for the support people, its well appreciated.
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    Awesome theory

    Okay, this is not my theory!! I did not make it!! I found it on the internet by Rebmakash on deviantART. This is just what i think makes sense so I thought I would share it with you all. This was made before the events of the BBS trailer think so it might seem a little old. Well here you are...
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    Master Xehanort theory.

    Okay. Be ready to read another Master Xehanort, DS connection thread thingy. You might have heard this theory before, but I dunno... Okay...everyone has been wondering about Master Xehanort's keyblade apprentice , the DS's identity and such... Well.. I think that the DS is the " Xehanort"...
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    14 organization member

    That 's why it could be Aqua's Nobody because Xehanort made his heartlees and his nobody wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyy back when terra and others were around...okay mabye not that far back... it was only 15 years...they are not ancient.
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    14 organization member

    I think its Aqua's Nobody. I could happen...although I think I remember seeing somewhere " To Sora's dismay and some thing about the 14th member...so does that mean it is someone he knows?
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    14 organization member

    Zexion had a freakin book for the love of all heartless....at least she has a pencil she can poke people to death with!!!
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    Terra friend of sora and riku?

    Well, Nomura is all about seeing the truth inside the truth and such, so, maybe we might be thinking to hard. But maybe we aren't. No one knows. But I think he is talking to either to the keyblade or Sora.
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    When do you assume?

    When do you assume the trailers for the games will be open to the public ?
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    A world between?

    This whole news about Kingdom Hearts thing has got me pumped about the whole Kingdom Hearts series...so I'd thought I would take some time off from school to spread some of my nonsense theories that people like...SO to the theory... Okay so In the deep dive video YouTube - Deep Dive at 2:07 it...
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    Do Replicas have hearts?

    I was just wondering if replicas have hearts, because im trying to put a theory together
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    My theory on the heart and memories

    Memories play a big part in the Kingdom Hearts series, without memories the heart would collapse therefore forming a heartless or Nobody( depending on if that person had a strong heart.) So memories basically support the heart. They form a kinda "chain" of memories they protect it from...