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    Billboard Latino!!!

    Hey did ANYONE see the Billboard De La Musica Latina!!!!??? Thhe Latin Music Awards Last Night?!?! They were so awsome!!!!
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    kh2 poll

    I like Axel beter that Riku but i perfer Desteniy Islands
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    Happy Earster!!

    Well im makeing this thred now because i might not be on tomarrow so i just want to say HAPPY EASTER!! :toungesmile: Here we can talk and tell all about how we spent our Easter for tomarrowand stuff well enjoy!!! (4/7/07)(i spelt Easter wong on purpose)
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    I Dont Whant 2 Go 2 School!!!!

    MAN SCHOOL SUCKS!! i dont want to go to school who agrees wit me?!?
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    DDR Max

    Hey i just wanted to know if anyone has ever played this game befor or any version of it cuz me and my cuz are playing it right now. ;) (were playing the DDRMax Extreme 2)
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    how to beat hercules?

    well my cuzin is having truble beating hurc and shes yelling :cursing: at me to find some info on how to beat him so i need someone to me help her out.
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    can you beat sepiroth at lv.68

    well im just asking cuz me and my cuzin are fighting him we get to the point where he has basically no life left but he ends up killing us and that precise moment where were about to kill him and he kills us somehow.:cursing: (so please tell me what u think):) oh well for get it we beat him...
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    how was YOUR valentines day!?!

    well im the one who posted the happy valentines day thread but well i just want 2 know how yours went!! (its one of my fave holidays as you can tell)
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    Happy Valentines Day!!!

    well i just wanted to say happy early valentines day!! and that well here we can u know just talk and say happy valentines day i dunno. ( oh and any one whant to be my valentine)
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    the ending of the game.?.

    Ok im new at this and i just have a question how come at the end of the movie after beating xemnas the credits are over and the cover of the game just stays there thats bull i dont get.Help and reply please.:confused: