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    KH #9 in IGN's top 25 PS2 games

    Hey, I was just checking by IGN and noticed this article. I checked it out and found that KH made #9. I didn't see it any where else so I decided to go ahead and post it, so tell me if this has already been mentioned.
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    KH makes #85

    IGN.com has begun a list of their top 100 games, and although so far they've only gotten to 51 Kingdom Hearts made 85, and I'm thinking the other two will make it on the list as well. here's the link
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    What I did that was pretty stupid was I lost my game.
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    have you beaten the game?

    I got through everything at first, but when I got to the final Riku fight, I died so many times I quit. I lost my game for over a year, and when I found it again I found that I could beat him on my.....I think it was my 3rd try. The rest was easy. And reverse/rebirth was pretty easy.
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    Gonna be leaving for a while

    Hey, I'm not going to be here for a while. Got a lot of other things to do, and I don't have as much time. When I can, I'll come back.
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    New enemy image

    but he did put them in just the right places, and in just the right way, that they looked really cool on all they were used for. yea, I'll believe you.
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    New enemy image

    did you even read what i thought? yea, and did someone from the makers of BBS draw those? it looks like a no.
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    New enemy image

    yea, so your saying she's fat? she would have to be if the battle was inside of her.
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    New enemy image

    oh, okay, i get it now. lol, yea, i don't remember any heartless with zippers. that would be cool though. a new enemy with zippers (pockets), and out of the pockets would come something to hurt you (can't think of something specific. probably magic spell. wait! better yet! a cloud of darkness...
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    New enemy image

    zippers? what are you talking about?
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    Who will you play as?

    I'd play as all of them, but go in this order: Ven (because he's awesome like that), Terra (the main character), and Aqua (becuase i like Ven and terra better.)
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    New enemy image

    they do? that's interesting....wait, u know how sometimes when you take a picture, you have red eyes? that may be it. EDIT: where do you see red eyes?
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    New enemy image

    they don't have the heartless symbol because they are a totally new enemy alltogether. it has been confirmed.
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    The Org. member that you just couldn't wait to destroy?

    Xigbar. I hated when he had out his snipers, and he was invincible. but what i hated the most was when donald or goofy died, they were usually in my way, so i got slowed down (while trying to avoid his invincable shooting), which killed me. a lot.
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    New enemy image

    yea, I've seen that image on this site before. they look like they're 2-D, but they're standing upright. like they're paper thin. also like they're all bent up. can't wait to learn more about them.
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    Christian Music

    hey, I just wanted to see who here likes Christian music. this will be a Christian music discussion thread, where u discuss favorite bands, concerts, new cds, etc. etc. do not hate on Christian music here. I'd have to say my favorite groups are Relient K, Newsboys, David Crowder*Band, Jars of...
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    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

    Okay, what was the 11th floor? which world did you choose?
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    Help/Support ► Lying Friends

    Yeah, pretty much what most said. They were probably just messing around, and you should forgive them. Yeah, that reminds me when my bro said that i couldn't watch the tv and be on the computer, so he changed it to something I didn't like. I ignored him. He actually said "here you go*hands me...
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    Help/Support ► Ozy needs some help...

    yea, i think u should pick the one u think u'll be the happiest with. and certain times, looks don't matter. and sometimes, people r not very pretty, but they end up very hot. and if it doesn't work out, when ur ready try the next in line. i'm sure u'll choose the right person.
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    what do u think?

    well, terra and them probably destroyed them all. yea, i posted the poll a bit late. and there was the option of a mix of heartless and nobody. somehow the new enemy got split in 2, before it held the soul and the heart and the other thing,(can't remember).