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    How long?

    well it depends if you wanna get everything or your just going to speed run through it:thumbsup:
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    How to get new cards?

    holy hell i didnt know u could get card from data battles cool:thumbsup:
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    sound pretty convincing to me:thumbsup:
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    the organization voices of castle oblivion.

    :thumbsup:vexen would be really funny as the old man from family guy
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    Why Hollow Bastion

    micky helps sora with the train money and riku meets sora in the world that never was so i guess they get split up
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    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    ill try to watch them heard they are good:thumbsup:
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    CoM's ending

    jimmy should have kept note through the whole freckin game not just thank namine
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    Chain Of Memories on PS2

    it looks pretty cool all you need is a week to learn japanese
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    World Cutscene Videos

    there a little invention called you tube:thumbsup: or goolgle video
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    Who do you think should be the English VAs of the Re:COM Org. XII Members?

    i think bruce willis would be a good xigbar
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    Please help me!with the first battle with marluxia

    is easy dude just go through the door and accept the battle
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    please reply i need help bad !!!

    lol ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Vexen clones

    he must have a pretty big bed for them all to fit into
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    I wonder whats really in zexions book maybe porn lol:thumbsup:
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    the best spiderman movie villain

    Who do you think is the best spiderman movie villain
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    the best batman movie villian

    Who is the best batman movie villain
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    Do you hate Keybladeofsteel

    do you hate keybladeofsteel