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    Who you play as?

    Lexaeus, definately. To be able to just swing the tomahawk and crush whatever the hell I want...Ah yeah. Gotta love that thing. Marluxia comes in at a close second. Slice after slice, that'd be cool too.
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    KH 358/2 Days Review

    Note that this is the October issue of GameInformer Full Review: The magic thing pissed me off.
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    Did you waste your money?

    The Disney worlds were utterly pointless to me, since the only thing I could really do in them was level up and get cards, but the story and Castle Oblivion's look/style really got me going. Plus, whenever you get to fight an Organization XIII member, that appeals IMO.
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    Hopes for Days

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    Hopes for Days

    He can be played in the normal story line. You have to attach 3 ability units to the zero gear, and watch the fireworks.
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    Hopes for Days

    I would guess that he's the strongest magically? Perhaps he's well rounded or something.
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    Hopes for Days

    Xigbar is the one with the farthest range though. Demyx will be an interesting fighter in this.
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    Hopes for Days

    Xion, Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey. I'm looking foward to playing as Lexaeus. Can you imagine he, Axel, and Mickey fighting toagether? I can.
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    Hopes for Days

    I think it'll trump CoM, personally. With the possibility to choose from all the Organization and six bonus characters, I feel secure in the thought it'll be good. I've already pre-ordered it anyway. And I don't understand teck talk sometimes. How do you download it exactly?
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    Organization XIII Titles

    I was talking to my friend about 358/2 one day, and he asked what the titles even meant. That left me thinking up explanations for each one, until I could think no more and my brain hurt. So, feel free to explain what you think the titles mean. Here they are: Xemnas, The Superior Xemnas'...
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    Orginization Element of Choice

    I'm going with illusion. I can mindfuck a person eight ways to Saturday. Or it could just be because there is no limit of how much hell you can raise. Mess with people's minds, you control their actions. Especially if you can add realistic effects. Follow that with fire, you're god. Burn...
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    Sora is a Heartless?

    Well, if we break down the theory behind a heartless, it's the heart, and by extention soul, given a body by the darkness. A nobody is just the left over carcass. When Sora was turned into a heartless, he lost his body as it evolved to become Roxas (I choose you! Go, Roxas!). With that...
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    am i the only one...

    That friggin card has a mind of its own. It'll appear when it wants to. I had to absolutely hunt it down with bloodhounds to get it in my first runthrough. Second runthrough, I get like 5 of them within 2 floors. I got mine in Monstro. I don't think it's world exclusive. Just tempermental. :31:
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    I'm KrossWinter, and have just signed up. For a bit about myself, I'm cynical and have a bit of a sadistic streak in me. Mindless text babble annoys me, and I'm a fan of philosophy and psychology. 48 Laws of Power remains one of my favorite books. I've got two dogs that I love to death and...