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    The last boss battle

    Ok this was weird you first fight the members of organisation then you end up fighting all these weird things... Did anyone get this! lol it was so weird 1 seconds your flieng on a ship shooting lasers next you waking heartless then your breaking a door!... That was a super weird battle...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Heh I got it the first day it came out and beet it in the next couple of days :|
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    Kh2 alphabets

    Lets start of with A of course A= axel
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    Its been a while so I bet no one remembers me. lol...
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    Im back..

    Well havent been on in a long time so i guess im new again..
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    First day you get it.

    Maybe I should buy the first day and beet it quick and tell you guys what happens to spoil ending :P j/k savor the moment where kairi gets emotional with sora and then say Wtf. But it will all make sense in time..
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    Playing the game twice..

    Hey everyone im wondering if this happened to you. I beet Kh a long time ago but never wanted to play it again even tho it rocked I tried to beet game again but I just didnt feel like playing it again. It felt like one of those memories that you don't want to live over again cause you don't...
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    First day you get it.

    When you get the game when it comes out I just want to know how long do you think you'll play it that game or do you plan to finish it all in one day or in the week. Im just curiouse.. My opignion would be to try not to beet it to fast but to do a little each day to enjoy it and try to realize...
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    Hey it's been a long time since ive been on so i dought anyone remembers me so I would like to reintroduce myself So hi everyone!
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    A programing book?

    Does anyone know a good site to learn how to program stuff? like games for example I really would like to learn how to speak Computer languadge lol.
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    read this! eb release

    I really don't care when it's coming out I just want it to come out soon. Lol awkward posting here.
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    who thinks riku is way cooler then sora

    Sora owns you choob
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    Kairi's love... gone a little too far?

    I agree it's pretty lame but still it would be cool.
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    Mc donalds(Your opigion)

    Do you think Mc donalds is fatening or Yum.
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    Sora Never Came to Dinner

    Though cmon that would be halarious it's like this giant pops up sora ready's hes keyblades then he looks up and its he's mom with a plate of spinach then sora's like NOOO!
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    Adventure Quest?

    Does anyone play adventure quest at www.battleon.com
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    Sora Never Came to Dinner

    LMAO that would be soo funny HAHA! lmao !! imagine she Redheaded unknown!
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    Wil other characters be playable?

    Will other characters besides Sora be playable like riku or the BHK if not just say no....if no one knows just speak of how cool it would be and which ones you would want to play as.
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    Fanfiction ► Battlefield

    I loved the nam Story please make a part 7
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    got a guestion for you all

    I would want Music from finalfantasy to add make battle system even cooler. but then id add some other cool songs from famous singers.