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    Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children 2

    This is another version of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. I know that most of you might think that it's just another FF7 rp. But this is our own Final Fantasy 7. We can write how we think the Advent Children movie should've been and we can include new characters and old characters...
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    Fanfiction ► Shadow's True Love

    Chapter 2- The Perfect Guy The next morning as the bell rang, a new student came. When he came in the room got quiet. He was tall, had black hair with red highlights, and all the girls in the class just fell for him. Except Amy, Rouge, Cream, but Tikal fell in love with him that instant. It was...
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    Fanfiction ► Shadow's True Love

    Couplings Shadow x Amy x Sonic Rouge x Knuckles x Petal Tails x Cream x Charmy Tikal likes Shadow Espio likes Tikal Magic is a one some Gangs Sonic, Tails, Espio is gang 1 Shadow, Knuckles, Charmy is gang 2 Prologue This story tells about Shadow’s true love and how he found it (not true). This...
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    Kingdom Fantasy

    A few years after the event of Kingdom Hearts 2, the Heartless found a way not only into other worlds in Kingdom Hearts but into the worlds of Final Fantasy. After knowing about this, King Mickey has chosen different people from different worlds to destroy the Heartless and the creator of these...
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    Hey guys!!!:D

    Hey guys... I'm a new member at this forum and I hope that you guys will help me out!!! I like to make new friends and socialize with people that like the same thing as me, and obviously all of us like Kingdom Hearts!!! Awesome!!! I like Kingdom Hearts and I'm really really waiting for Kingdom...