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    Few questions about anti-form

    1.) Because the first game referred to him as Anti-Sora (atleast I think so) during the boss fight, people presume that it is Anti-Sora.Not sure if it's official though xD 2.) Based on a Study by KH-Vids.NET, it isn't random, but actually it is caused by excessive damage received while in a...
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    I Saw It.......

    It reveals The Superior at the End (#1 Organization) But the Spoiler is Temperate because you don't really know why the event is happening unless you know some information about "The Superior" **Trying to avoid using his name xD** Laters
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    I Saw It.......

    Ok firstly, for people who have not seen the GameStop Commercial, use the You-Tube Link below. The video is provided by yours-Truly xD Me Maaz from KH2.Media NET ^^ WARNING: Spoiler at the end. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjYHemY7TVA Now, as for this new trailer on Disney Channel. I haven't...
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    KH2 Promotional Advertisement!

    Yeah it is the one from FYE ^^ I was gonna upload the Sharper Quality, but it came out to be 120MB =X. so i just went with the normal quality =] Thanks goes to Grecia for letting me know about this so i could rip it. Hope you guys/gals all enjoy ^^ -Maaz KH2.Media NET
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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    Well my sister purchased it for me so she's gonna pick it up for me and then she'll give a go on it until I get back ^^ Then I'll play for about 3 hours and then I'll do my massive English Homework (yes... it's predestined xD) And she'll be playing the game until Friday which then I will be...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Guide, LE or Normal?

    for those of you still wondering what the LE has, here's what it says at BradyGames: BradyGames’ Kingdom Hearts II Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes the following: * A comprehensive walkthrough of the entire adventure. * Detailed area maps pinpointing key locations...
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    KH2 rated T

    Hmmm, are we gonna believe a box that says E10+ or the Official ESRB site... I don't mean to be rude or anything, but it is pretty much a Teen Rating if ESRB says so, and the alcohol use makes sense. I'm kinda glad it's getting TEEN Rating. And there could be confusion between rating for sites...
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    Sanctuary official release

    Just Can't get enough of release dates anymore eh? =P I'm glad we're narrowing down to the last month... Keep your eyes open on that Utada Site that Square Gave us for the official Release
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    Sanctuary official release

    Although the release date soungs reasonable, this release date is not official until TOSHIBA announces it. The site you provided is a fansite (read the little text at the bottom). But nice find =] I personally think it'll be released early March 2006
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    finally, an official KH site... @square.jp - meh

    http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.square-enix.com%2Fjp%2Ftitle%2Fkingdom%2F&langpair=ja%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8 use that link for an english translation of the site Also it is confirmed that there will be an official kh2 website in a few days also it isnt confirmed whether...