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    region coding/no?

    I'm preordering a US copy of 358/2 days online (I live in australia), and just want to make complete sure: is there anything at all that could be effected by region coding? I know that the game will play, but would multiplayer with australian versions of the games be effected? I'm pretty sure...
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    hidden message in my pocky??

    kay, a couple of days ago I brought some strawberry pocky, and i found a message on the stick. it said something like :)100 and then the japanese characters 'te' and 'n'. on further inspection of the packet i found a little box on the side with a pic of the same stick-inscription thing and a...
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    which do you prefer? manga or anime?

    just been thinking about it lately. there are upsides and downsides to both. manga can be concidered better because of it being more true to the original storyline then anime adaptions are, plus no fillers. but then again, anime can make scenes easier to understand, especially fight scenes (I...
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    Schrödinger's cat

    I read this in a book once, and decided that I'd research it further. basically, it says that if you put a cat in a box with radioactive material that may or may not cause poisonus chemicals to be released, then the cat is both dead and alive untill you find out. I got the wikipedia for it...
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    Where can i buy COM

    the game is kinda hard to find. the only place near me that had it was toys r us.
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    Mathematical 385/2 Days Theory

    hmm... 358/2 days HAS to mean something... but what... yea, I bet alll the square enix dudes are all laughing at us. but hey, it probably means nothing, but werent vexen and zexion the only ones that either sora or riku didn't kill? (apart from roxas) i can't really remember what happened to the...
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    well, tecnically it isn't a murder, because they aren't really people and stuff. but personally, I'd like to think that he is a murderer, but that's just because I'm a huge organisation 13 fan. but oh well. really??? I never heard that! cool...
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    Were you.......

    I definitely enjoyed most of it exept for how easy it was out, atlantica, and summons.(i think. I've never actually used a summon before in kh2.)
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    did you like the atlantica singalong??

    just wondering, who liked and who didn't like the little mermaid singalong level in kh2?? I personally hated it SO much! I hope they don't put it in any more kh games. ( I was going to put a poll but I don't know how:) )
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    MX is the best.....

    his eyes scare me so much!
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    Who will buy one?

    gah, I'm gunna have to buy both the ds and the psp! I'm gunna be SO broke. but hey, it's kingdom hearts. who WOULDN'T spend there life savings on it??
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    anime in NZ

    hey everybody! well, I kinda need help. I was wondering what anime conventions they hold in New Zealand? I know it sounds like a really random question, but I'm moving there and I couldn't find any using google. I REALLY hope there is at least one. thanks!
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    Mystery Character ..

    yea.. i thought that it was an org. member for sure, untill I remembered that xemnas wasn't created yet. I'm still pretty sure that its an organisation cloak though. some can have very close-fitting arms (axel's for example.) now that I mentioned it, it kinda does look like axel.
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    I'm confused! (about Aqua)

    I hope I'm not being annoying or anything, but I am really confused.:confused: the character aqua has come up in heaps of threads, and I heard something about her armour and keyblade being in the room of sleep or something. please fill me in on this character! I'd really apreciate it. all I know...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion What element do you think the new member will be? I'm pretty sure that it will be darkness or something.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion i think they will at least say something about zexion. his book was considered a spoiler untill fm+, right? I hope he's there. Wow. I go on holiday, and come back and THIS has happened! now I gotta buy a ds.
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    interesting... maybe the light goes to kingdom hearts along with the heart, because 'kingdom hearts is light'. maybe kingdom hearts is a giant build up of the light lost by people when they become a heartless? i don't think it could be destroyed by the dark. probly wrong...
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    lexeus in CoM manga

    ok, here are the scans from kingdom hearts com book 1 Kingdom Hearts Ultimania - Kingdom Hearts 2 3 Final Mix hope that works. lexeus is in chapter 4, the smell of darkness.
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    which mod chip is right for me?

    okay, I know this question has probably been asked before, but I am getting a mod chip for my ps2 v9(as you can see in my sig!) but when researching I keep on getting mixed messages. :confused: some people say clone chips like the matrix clone are really good because they are the same as the...
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    lexeus in CoM manga

    It's a puzzle, my brother has one just like it. it's quite easy, actually. you just have to undo the two peices of metal.