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    New Drive Form

    PINK IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!evillllllll........ *shudders at the thought of it* goes into a dark corner EVIL!!!!!!
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    Escaflone RP :p

    wahooo who has ever seen this anime movie rasie your hands high *see's that he only raised his hand* common okay this is a rp about this great movie :D Escaflone and yeah i probley spelt it wrong but hey at least i tried but if i spelt it right good for me,.... oh yeah this is pretty much same...
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    The swords of destiny

    this takes place on a planet called Ethour but its moreiof a space station the year is 3078 and the universe is being enveloped in the age of magic,swords and destiny as a age old evil finally resurects it self but who can stop it who can bring the light back into every one's hearts well maybe...
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    The keyblade's are useless unless they can start cars

    yatta yatta yatta okay this is after goofy, donald , sora and so on, this is way past them into the present times (key blades can open any door or lock including cars!!!yaaaaaa) When the evil rises again all the heartless overcame mostly everything in there way(took them long enough) and the...
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    Cold pizza

    template: name: age: gender: apperence and bio or facts if you want ^^ and this is a role play about long forgoten freinds (your charaters and who ever elses) finding each other again and who they used to be. rules: sorry but no GODMOPING! Romance is okay, Battles how great they are...