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    why doesnt he.........

    i would like to see a big organization fight where everyone just gots and fights each other in the organization (sorry demxy lovers but demxy would be one of the first people dead)
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    was KH2 worth it?

    yea its worth it
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    you forgot demxy
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    1. axel 2. xenmas 3.xaldin 4.roxas 5. larxene 6 xigber 7.zexion 8.saix 9.leasxe 10.vexen 11.luxord 12. marlurx 13. demxy
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    A Bit Harsh, No?

    heres what really happened ......................... spoliers sora got bored and decited that he wanted to kill people.............. he secreatly threw that thing at goofy and tryied to kill him ........................... he also wanted to kill the organization people cuz he wanted his...
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    Junk Sweep

    add negtive combo and fenrir
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    the note in the bottle

    at the of the game when sora reads the note in the bottle and says them, there the same words in kh1 if your leave your game on to long in the loading place where the screen says new game load game
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    i couldnt do it with roxas i didnt like his short weapon but i got bored of pressing the x botton so i just gave up for sora and got 364 i wish i tryed a little long lol
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    who here thought grandstander was easy i did cuz all i had to do is press the x botton over and over again it was so easy my best score was 364 what was yours
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    I ned halp with chineese man

    NO he lives in china in the mulan movie
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    Bulky Vendor

    i got mine in the underworld but as soon as i saw it stupit donald killed it:(
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    Error in Betwixt and Between...?

    no it has happened but thats werid
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    I ned halp with chineese man

    ya even though hes 7 you can still type right i did when i was and the guy is shan yu and the reaction comands made it so easy
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    Where did you first go into "Final" mode?

    same here but i was for 6 hours
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    What is the Best keyblade to you?

    oathkeeper and oblivion
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    rare jumping heartless, anyone?

    dont beat it! use the reaction comadons to get idems
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    can't get secret ending.......

    ya u got to compleate all worlds including 100 arce woods and atlanta
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    High Jump

    ya u can read my qud post SORRY BOUT THAT
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    past memories

    no in kh1 not 2 i guess its either a cheat or fake
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    High Jump

    Sorry About That I Messed Up