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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. haha you know what, disney is probabley doing this to get people to watch the disney channel more, hoping to get people hooked on there new shows, but Idoubt this will only work until the game is out, after that I dunno about you all but hopefully I dont have to watch that...
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    New scans!

    Yeah some may havent (unless you bought the Electronic Gaming KH2 Cover Series... haha im a loser. Theres four special edition covers in all for EGM 200th volume edition) Why the hell is there a KH3 website already? Noruma already said that KH3 isnt really officially announced, that he is going...
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    a pic of Zexions Weapon!

    -Edit- People, Dont be lazy (I know im lazy but thats not the point) just keep track of Zexion "status" on this board *Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS*: http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=45938
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    Something's not adding up...it's probably just me but...

    It shouldnt be released right now at all to anyone, I would think, Japan release is in 2 days, where is all this info from in the first place?
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    Their names !!

    oh dear.... Yes im afraid we have brought this up in threads before. I say continue your thoughts at the following thread and Ill get a mod to close this one: http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=35952&highlight=Roxas+Sora
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    So no Rinoa...

    Noruma didnt want KH2 to become like the FF series, he wanted it to have its own storyline. Yes I would of liked to see Riona "3D" but then thats one more FF character to the game. In other words, shes not in the game, GET OVER IT.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Demo Disc Cover

    You know for a game disc you would think the words "DVD" wouldnt be on there. Its more likely like a few of you said its a demo (possible trailer?)
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    Couple of Ideas (

    What gets me is your 2nd and 3rd question, yes we understand that the Organization want to obtain KH but yet why go against Sora when he can help? There has to be more to thier plan then it seems.
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    Have anyone of you...

    Your thinking of the game "Brittany Spears Dance Beat" or whatever its called. Im going to be PISSED off if Hilary Duff or any other of those preppy singers are playing Namine.
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    Have anyone of you...

    I think Haley Joel did excellent being the voice of Sora. He matched his emotions and everything. Same thing with Hayden P.(Kairi) and David G. (Riku). For some of the other characters (like Yuffie and Aerith), they could of picked that cast more wisely.
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    Sora In The New Trailer?

    It could be that there is dusk in front of him and when they got in combat mode the more dusk appeared behind them.
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    New Theory On BHK/Roxas(Please dont flame)

    Link: http://www.kh2.co.uk/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1134238531&archive=&start_from=&ucat=& Although this is a weird rumor and a REALLY bad example of what I have to say, Im thinking that BHK and Sora are two seperate people but yet the same... uh... Lets just put it as they are connected...
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    Disney Villans

    Yes the Disney vills. may have been in HB but yet they try to take control of thier own world.
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    Has Kingdom Hearts II been hugely advertised in America yet?

    lol are all of you just going to see King Kong for the KH trailer (im seeing thats its not American Theaters according to alot of your posts)? Im sure the Box office people love all the money being spent on this.
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    Disney Villans

    Order members werent in Pride Lands and Agrabah from what I've seen.
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    Pic from Jump Festa 2006 Trailer

    Right, geocities is down alot, hey Unixeth, make an account on photobucket.com and use that server instead.
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    Pic from Jump Festa 2006 Trailer

    The picture doesnt work for me X_X
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    It was said that Diz wanted to get rid of the order, If he was superior then why would he want to get rid of his own organization?
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    New Jump info ~extreme spolers~

    you forgot the ending part to kh-2 tranlations and it does look like it is Riku who Sora is shocked about. Source: kh-2.net
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    New Jump info ~extreme spolers~

    Im guessing Ancoro = BHK Ric = Riku (haha anyone could guess that...) Bay horse....uh what? Im thinking it means BHK again as SDHC said Nuactical Mile = Kairi Acelrater = Axel Well uh from the tranlations in all Bay Horse can stand for Riku, BHK or Sora right now *is confused*