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  1. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► Getting a Laptop

    I am planning on getting a new laptop because mine is starting to break and I've had it for a while. My birthday and Christmas are coming up so that's around when I'll be getting it. With all the new Windows 8 ultrabooks and the retina MacBook Pro that have all just come out, I was wondering if...
  2. Blobbit

    358/2 Days: What am I missing?

    I would have to say that DDD redeemed Days in a way. Before playing DDD, Days seemed a bit pointless, but after DDD you realize how important it actually was, and how important the characters are to the plot. I agree on how people don't like the gameplay(missions got VERY tedious at points, I...
  3. Blobbit

    Question About Placing Portals.

    Oh, that makes sense. I was just wondering since you can only put four at a time, does it reset once someone gets my portals via streetpass? As in, I put 4 for StreetPass, people get my 4, I get their 4, and I can place more afterwards?
  4. Blobbit

    Name your dream eaters

    I named like 3 of mine...My Meow Wow which I never used I named Wonder Nyan (of course), my R&R Seal I named Melon Seal (why not), and my Sudo Neku I named Phones, because Neku. Yeah...I didn't really feel like making cool names for any of them.
  5. Blobbit

    Question About Placing Portals.

    I don't get it. So it says you get the trophy after placing 30 link portals. Do you get more to place when you streetpass someone who also owns KH3D?
  6. Blobbit

    I could use an all-purpose comprehensive no stone unturned dream eater guide.

    If anyone has any questions about abilities DEs unlock, I have the ultimania so I could post them, but I don't have a scanner so I can't post any scans. Also, I can't read a lot of the Kanji in the book so I don't know what most of the materials are to make dream eaters (I use the guides on KH13).
  7. Blobbit

    Secret Message

    From the "in amazing new detail" thing, I thought it would be an HD collection, but then it said stuff about "next numbered title" so I think it's probably just saying KH3 will be awesome so keep waiting. Or an HD collection bundled with KH3? :o
  8. Blobbit

    hard to find dream eater material

    R&R Seal drops prickly fantasy, another hard to find material. I felt a little remorse, until I realized I was doing this for my critical file and they were all going to get erased anyways :P
  9. Blobbit

    Potential DLC you can see

    I always thought that a TWEWY boss would've been awesome in this game, dunno why they chose Julius over a TWEWY boss.
  10. Blobbit

    What highlights the game.

    No you're not the only one, he definitely got a LOT more development, rather than the happy go lucky Sora throughout the whole game(even though that's just how he's supposed to be.) I may be biased though because Riku was always my favorite character :3
  11. Blobbit

    hard to find dream eater material

    I went to the secret portal in Traverse Town as Riku to kill off my Kab Kannon and R&R Seal to make a star rank Ryu Dragon. The boss shoots fireballs that took out my level 30ish DEs out in 4 or 5 hits. I'm trying to make a star rank of every dream eater, I'm an elitist :)
  12. Blobbit

    I need some help with Dream Eaters.

    Check your forecast to see if it's a Moogle Sale day, in which there will be more materials (like more Fantasies) to buy, and everything is on a 20% discount. Edit: But yes, Shails is right, some of the REALLY rare materials (wild fantasy, brilliant fantasy, etc) are only available in portals
  13. Blobbit

    anyone else who disliked the flowmotion?

    Yeah, this is really the only time I had a problem with flowmotion. I would dodge roll to go heal and NOPE! You're bouncing off a wall now.
  14. Blobbit

    Post Pics of your KH3D 3DS cover installed

    Ooooh, I really like it on the white 3DS. But I still love it on my purple one :D Is anyone else noticing that the case scratches EXTREMELY easily though? -_-
  15. Blobbit

    [Spoiler]KH:3D - Starting from a clean slate, seriously now?

    That makes the most sense to me; although I never thought the battle systems were actually canon. The "new power" that I was thinking Sora and Riku were gonna get were shotlocks or Keyblade Gliders. Do you think that Sora and Riku will be able to use these in the future?
  16. Blobbit

    Critical Mode file?

    Also, do the DEs retain their colors? I've made an epic white Keeba Tiger and I want it to stay white XD It's not a big deal if they don't because the paint is cheap, but I'm just wondering. And does anyone know a fast place to kill off DEs? I'm trying to make all star ranked and I could use...
  17. Blobbit

    Better script than KH2? And BBS?

    Agreed on the dream eater part. When I saw "real talk" on yoggy ram's description I nearly burst out laughing.
  18. Blobbit

    What highlights the game.

    I think the maps were definitely a huge improvement. The worlds in KH3D are literally huge, and they also added a vertical aspect to exploring thanks to the new flow motion system. Also something that I'm not sure I liked or didn't was the dream eaters. I thought they were really great as party...
  19. Blobbit

    Huge Plot Hole

    Sort of off topic, but is there a link to the Famitsu interview?
  20. Blobbit

    Final world cinematic translations

    I know it didn't, but it is one of the most popular dream within a dream concepts in pop culture, so my mind automatically related the two.