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  1. RoxSoxKH


    Wanna' have a taste of my wood?
  2. RoxSoxKH


    waitwaitwait... Inception is a Disney movie?
  3. RoxSoxKH

    Jak and Daxter, anyone?

    My apologies if there's a thread for this, and if there isn't, it must have died. I love this series, and if you havn't gotten ahold of it, PLEASE do so immediately ;D
  4. RoxSoxKH

    Faith or Salvation?

    Have both. Seriously... makes Arena Matches go by like ZOOM.
  5. RoxSoxKH

    KH2 Ending Pothole

    So, let me get this straight. Destiny Islands is the lightness side, while the dark realm is where Aqua and Ansem are. And Riku and Sora were inbetween the two?
  6. RoxSoxKH

    so i got KH Re:Chain of memories...

    The story is amazing, but the gameplay is failure. I give it a 4.10 at best, cause the one saving grace is Larxenes hips. And the story... that too.
  7. RoxSoxKH

    MF most difficult boss in the series

    He has the renewal Block ability? Fukdge.
  8. RoxSoxKH

    Lazy way of leveling up

    You're going to kill your PSP doing that >.<
  9. RoxSoxKH

    Early days impression of BbS, Days and Coded

    All the scenes are still there. Only with different territory.
  10. RoxSoxKH

    soras mom

    His mother calls to him in KH1, and Riku mentions his father in BBS.
  11. RoxSoxKH

    Official Mirage Arena Thread

    Thats exactly what I hate doing.
  12. RoxSoxKH

    Official Mirage Arena Thread

    Um, no. This person needs to turn his WLAN switch on, go to a WiFi hot spot. And find someone to play with him... God, I hate it when people give false advice.-.- So far my only gripe with the arena is the sad fact you can't pause your game while in single player.
  13. RoxSoxKH

    Little Rant: Loading Times

    Ahem. Data Install isn't the end, kay? Even once the Data Install is complete, theres more to do: Open your start menu. Go to Config. And you'll find that theres a few options more to help increase your load times.
  14. RoxSoxKH

    So, you think you hate the camera?

    I could find that to be a pain real fast.
  15. RoxSoxKH

    So, you think you hate the camera?

    A lot of people have bought BBS with one major issue, the camera. The camera in BBS is a problem because it clutters with the Lock On to much. When you lock onto an enemy, it's impossible to move the camera. Because, when you do, it turns the Lock On, off! So... the way the camera is normally is...
  16. RoxSoxKH

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Overrated?

    What this guy said owo Verbatim...
  17. RoxSoxKH

    Kinda disappointing...

    First, fully charge your PSP. Then, start it to the BBS start menu. Install data. Then, proceeding that, open to your most recent save zone and press start. Scroll down the list to "Config". Scroll down to "CPU SPEED" Set to "Accelerated". This is will drastically increase your load times.
  18. RoxSoxKH

    KH Chain Of Memories FAILS

    What he said. ^~^ ... Pwned