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  1. anti-form137

    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    OH MY GOD! That ending made me so happy! Now I have to resist reading the plot of BBS on KH Wiki. Ugh...must resist....growing weaker....must...shut off....compu..... Anyway glad that coded finally showed a connection to BBS
  2. anti-form137

    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    So Braig wants the Keyblade.......interesting. And on a lesser note,Dilan's hair isn't completely dreadlocks.Yay
  3. anti-form137

    kid FF charcters

    What about Auron? I still think he's cooler in FFX, but he still was barely Disney-fyed.
  4. anti-form137

    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    Re: Who Do YOu Want to Voice T and A? Mcartney will probably be Ven Epcar will probably be Terra, though I don't know if his voice will sound as good with a white character. and that's not racist Aqua....no idea. I can't think of any VAs for other characters that may sound good either. But...
  5. anti-form137

    I think KH2 would've been more interesting if...

    Maleficent did suck in KH2, but I would've liked it if she recreated that whole villains alliance from the first game. so then all the worlds other than Twilight Town, The World That Never Was, and Radiant Garden wouldn't have been useless
  6. anti-form137

    358/2 Days

    I thought his voice fit Zexion's character pretty well. He sounded very sophisticated and cunning.
  7. anti-form137

    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    Is there a choice? I thought that you would be forced to start as someone (probably Ven) and then get switched to one of the others at certain points in the game.
  8. anti-form137

    Why the long faces?

    I really didn't have a problem with the story, or the gameplay for that matter. I tend to get really frustrated when I can't beat certain bosses, so it was nice that this time Sora could actually do more then swing in 3 directions, or those crappy skills from KH1. (Ars Arcanum was a bitch to use.)
  9. anti-form137

    what do you think

    Ven and Aqua fighting Terra doesn't seem too unlikely.
  10. anti-form137

    358 panels?

    Those chakrams look kind of like Lexaeus's tomahawk.
  11. anti-form137

    Seashell thing

    I don't know. I thought it was supposed to be symbolic of something.
  12. anti-form137

    Seashell thing

    Hey in the opening video of KH2, what is that seashell that dissolves into the water? It looks like a shooting star. Don't we see Xion holding one in one of the trailers for Days too? What is it!?:confused:
  13. anti-form137

    New V Jump Scan + Another World Confirmed for Days

    Neverland?! Holy *bleep* on a *bleep* sandwich with *bleep* on top! And a side helping of *bleep*.
  14. anti-form137

    Translated Days Gameplay Footage (Re:Riplai)

    I cannot wait for this game! This footage only furthers my anticipation!
  15. anti-form137

    Riku's Magical Light Powers

    Yeah but at this point in the story I didn't think he could control light yet.
  16. anti-form137

    New Days Gameplay Detail

    Yay something interesting.
  17. anti-form137

    Marluxia - One of the Most Powerful Threats to Org. XIII

    I think all those extra powers were for the effect of the final boss fight. His second form is just a big Nobody and it still uses flowers. The third form wasn't even around in the original CoM so I dismiss it as evidence. He never uses any power of darkness or nothingness outside of battle...
  18. anti-form137

    Xehanort's Heartless, an Unbirth?

    He's a Heartless.
  19. anti-form137

    Ok my unbirth theory!

    First of all I'd like to say that I hate all Unbirth theories. But I'll still comment. I had to read this a few times because your grammar is horrible and well....I disagree with you. I think that DS is an actual person, not an Unbirth. I don't have a reason...but something about your theory...
  20. anti-form137

    Demnyx is modeled after...

    Kind of see it