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  1. Meow Wow

    News ► Square Enix teases "the time to remember" in Kingdom Hearts Union X

    As long as it isn't a of events from KHX, consider me excited.
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    The most ... interesting presents you ever got

    A sad sack of potatoes
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    Which KH3 cooking minigame causes you to nervously sweat the most?

    The wine pouring is the worst for sure. The egg and cutting are the easiest for me. The pepper shaker is the most annoying, for sure. The way the circles are timed is all kinds of messed up imo.
  4. Meow Wow

    Spotify adds a bunch more Final Fantasy soundtracks.

    There goes the rest of my phones memory, definitely worth it. Now if KH and NieR can follow suit, I will die happy.
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    News ► Four new Hot Topic-exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko Tees releasing soon

    I was able to score the Monsters inc one the other week along with the kh umbrella. To be honest, it was probably one of the best T-Shirts they had at my hot topic that weren't crop tops or mid drifts.
  6. Meow Wow

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    I'm getting bodied by mobs of flamecors. Me playing with a migraine may have also impacted my ability to play. I'll have to see about it more when I'm feeling 100% For now, I stopped at the timed event with Hercules holding up the building, having died several times on that event alone...
  7. Meow Wow

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra - World of Tres - merchandise revealed

    I'll be happy and hyped for this when they come to Colorado. Until then I'll be here in my corner hoping...
  8. Meow Wow

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's Critical Mode will be arriving tomorrow!

    Looks like I chose a bad time to do another KH2 Crit lv 1 playthrough lol Anyways, I have no doubt that unless critical mode is gruelingly not fun nor challenging, I'll enjoy it; or at least most of it. Anything harder than Proud is good in my book.
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  10. Meow Wow

    Film ► Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) [NOTE: ACTUALLY DIDDLYING REAL]

    Y'know....At first glance of the poster, I thought this was a joke. Then came the trailer, diminishing the last of my faith in the film industry.
  11. Meow Wow

    New Forum Software

    I like the bigger avatars. It personally makes it easier to identify who's posting. Everything's coming along very nicely!
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    Logs on Oh! Wow....this is a change. It'll defiantly take some adjustments to get used to. I'm...

    Logs on Oh! Wow....this is a change. It'll defiantly take some adjustments to get used to. I'm not going to lie, I really liked the aesthetic of vBulletin forums. I'm a mixture of awe and confusion for the new forums. It'll pass. Now if I could actually log on when it's not some ungodly hour of...
  13. Meow Wow

    Happy pi day

    Have some pi Hope y'all have a nice day <3 fun fact, I initially tried to do a million digits of pi but it slowed down my browser so much I had to reduce it
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    SPOILERS What is everyone's Favorite and Least Favourite Worlds?

    Favorite original and overall world (tagging to be safe): The Final World Favorite Disney World: Monstropolis Least favorite world overall: Arendelle The one thing I did like about arendelle was the final boss of that world. I love the heartless design and the special attack with Marshmellow.
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    Joining the hiatus train

    It's getting to the point leak wise where I'm jumping in on the hiatus. I'll be leaving here until I beat KH3 and then I'll evaluate whether coming back here is worth it (considering the toxicity floating around). I'll be hanging in the spoiler free sections of the internet for the next week...
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    Need some help for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 for playstation 4.

    2.8 is the title of the collection. It should have Dream Drop Distance, 0.2 BbS, and X back cover included in it.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Y'all are tempting me with talk about the music. I mustn't cave, but damn, it's getting hard.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Each store might have different guidelines as to when they open and release? My local GameStop is 10PM or 12AM depending on the game. It might be best to ask your GameStop to see. So idk whether this belongs here, but I found a video of a Skrillex liveset that was posted a few days ago. It had...
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    The New Years Thread

    Happy New Years y'all! The American continents are hitting new nears in a few hours (at the time of this thread being posted) and Europe and Asia have already passed into 2019. So, what are your plans/what did you do to celebrate, if you did. What are your goals for 2019? What do you think we...
  20. Meow Wow

    Who else is getting The Cinema Trailer as an ad on YouTube?

    Decided to be safe and put this in spoilers. I don’t know how long the ad has been out since nobody has mentioned anything, but today, I got the shortened cinema trailer as an ad. So I’m wondering if anybody else got the ad yet? If you’ve seen it, what do you think about it?