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  1. Happyfunshineman

    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    Wow, it’s cool to finally see this. I say good for Seth, I’m happy he’s sharing this with us. It’s honestly pretty good. I was expecting something much different. I went out of my way to buy the Kingdom Hearts mangas when I was a kid so I feel like I would have watched too. There is so...
  2. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing-Link

    I’m not sure about this take. I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with somebody about KH2 that didn’t somehow end with us talking about the coolest reaction commands. Speaking personally, when I was younger I remember going onto forums to complain about reaction commands because I knew...
  3. Happyfunshineman

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    I put in an embarrassing amount of hours into both Nioh games so I was really excited to try this despite the hilarious reveal trailer. The trial was a lot of fun. I played it on hard and had a good time, though I had to grind a bit for the boss. I really recommend that everyone take the...
  4. Happyfunshineman

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Will Shut Down May 2021

    I want to thank everyone involved for the translations and videos over the years. You're all a bunch of heroes. I've really enjoyed having these small story updates between games.
  5. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Releasing March 30 exclusively on the Epic Games Store

    I love this and I’ll buy everything again. Those prices are kind of crazy though.
  6. Happyfunshineman

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You announced to release Summer 2021

    It looks so good... It’s still hard to believe this is actually happening.
  7. Happyfunshineman

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Looks great!
  8. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura teases final trailer for Melody of Memory

    Sounds good to me. Gamescom maybe? I’m probably going to skip watching this trailer though.
  9. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    Can’t wait to play it. That box art is lovely.
  10. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Watch the trailer for The World Ends With You - The Animation!

    It looks great! I used to imagine what an anime opening would look like for TWEWY while listening to Twister during walks. Never would have thought at the time we would one day actually get an anime.
  11. Happyfunshineman

    Dark Road ► Thoughts on Dark Road (NO SPOILERS)

    I’m thinking in the future I might just watch the cutscenes online like I’ve been doing for X. This is just a bit too mindless for me to want to stick with it. I really like the what we got from the story so far. It feels like the team put a lot of work into these scenes. Looking forward to...
  12. Happyfunshineman

    Dark Road ► Thoughts on Dark Road (NO SPOILERS)

    I’ve been keeping auto battle on for this mission where you need to defeat 50 heartless in Wonderland. I’m now at 1205 heartless defeated. I wonder how long I can keep this going.
  13. Happyfunshineman

    News ► Watch: English Versions of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory and 2020 Trailer

    I’m thinking Jafar might actually turn into an all powerful genie this time. Anyways, very excited for everything! Dark Road is so close.
  14. Happyfunshineman

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    I’m getting pretty excited for Dark Road as we get closer to launch. I have a bit a confusion about what Dark Road is though. This comes from me not knowing whether or not this is a complete game or an updating service type of game. I know it launches through Union X and it will have in app...
  15. Happyfunshineman

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I think those boxes in the second row of the phase 2 lineup are all Black Boxes.
  16. Happyfunshineman

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union X enters its final chapter

    As long as the game is making enough money I don’t really see chi closing down. Gacha games are meant to go on as long as they possibly can. Union X might come to an end but we might just move on to a new arc then. It would seem weird for the service to be ending if you need it to play Dark...
  17. Happyfunshineman

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    I hope it’s fun. I‘ve always really loved this art style but I couldn’t get into chi. I’m honestly pretty excited to try this out though.