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  1. sleepbforbirth92

    Questions I could have answered?

    i feel like an ass but is bbs final mix coming out in the us or do we have to order it?
  2. sleepbforbirth92

    KHRECOM anniversary

    yea i pre orderd it on sept 17 of last yr
  3. sleepbforbirth92

    Ven, Aqua, Terra's Future

    Terra and Ven fuse like sora and kairi nd ven's nobody (Roxas) was seald in sora's heart hence the look alike and Aqua is killd by MX
  4. sleepbforbirth92

    how come everybody has fusion theories?

    mayb we r jus down playin Xeahnort mayb hes alive therin bbs mayb they jus havnt shown him yet not to spoil the ideas of the fan nd y cant he b alive now all the other apprentice r there y cant he
  5. sleepbforbirth92

    my super awesome theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but wut If terra ddnt fruse wit MX but frused wit Ven like sora and kairi nd ven's nobody (Roxas) was seald in sora's heart hence the look alike nd the last think on his mind b4 they fruse was Xehanort mayb bcuz of him killin Auqa? (hence the armor) so wen they frused terra's ambition for...
  6. sleepbforbirth92

    My theory on Vanitas and Xehanort

    yea but that wuldnt make no sence since the Unverse rnt able to live wit the heartless .. tru that darkness is in all hearts but the apprentices unlocked the darkness to bcome heartless.. no?
  7. sleepbforbirth92

    My theory on Vanitas and Xehanort

    i was thinkin sowut along the lines of wut u sed but if this is tru heartless r born from Unverse like the like Nobodys r born from ppl enmty shell after ppl turn to heartless...or dd Xehanort evolved into wut we kno as heartlesses now after openin the door the radiant gardens heart dd he bring...
  8. sleepbforbirth92

    mickey wont help sora?

    from wut i seen mickey seems to b new.. mayb all the events in bbs stopd his trainin short b4 he culd b come a tru master like MX and Eraqus or even hav the skills that Terra Aqua nd Ven hav
  9. sleepbforbirth92

    New Princess

    as u guys kno disney has added a new princess how wuld she play into kh3 if at all?:confused: