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  1. kratos

    Help/Support ► HD- it's like, prettier.

    Yea, i would try best buy, or something like that for cheap t.v's. I know i bought a 40 from radio shack for like 450, it was on sale <3
  2. kratos

    Help/Support ► Mumbling

    See, i seem to mumble also, that seems to happen either when we are meeting someone new for the first time, or if were scared or in trouble. I see in myself that i mumble when i'm trying to explain why i got in trouble or introduce myself to someone new especially girls >.> lol. But i found...
  3. kratos

    I'm back!!!

    Sup people the name is kratos, Ive been here for like forever, sadly lol. KIDDING! Sorry that i haven't been on in like forever, but i am busy with college life and all. I'm going for computer animation and graphic design, hopefully that will be enough so i can live comfortably in this ever...
  4. kratos

    Im back ;P

    Hey people!!! Im Back. Some may know me as the "master merchant" or just a good or reliable guy, who was glad to help. I know its been a while, so im going to introduce myself. The name is kratos. Been here since Dec on 05". Im 18. Im friendly. I know sometimes beforr i was immaturr and etc...