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    You Think..........

    Of course! She'll be revealed to be Master Xehanort's past lover.
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    Wolf's Rain: Paradise Awaits Us (OOC / SIGN-UPS)

    Wolf's Rain: Paradise Awaits Us "They say there's no such place as Paradise. Even if you searched to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road; it just goes on and on. But, in spite of that, why am I so driven to find it? A...
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    I'm honestly disappointed. What you did was highly irresponsible and dangerous. You've jeopardized your future, you've cast this burden onto your parents, and all this happened simply because you wanted to be a little "rebellious"? Pardon me if this sounds like a scolding, but it irritates me...
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    Help/Support ► Help With An Irrational Fear

    When I was bored and feeling rather sadistic as a lad, upon spotting a pest I'd capture and torture it before landing the finishing blow. It was entertaining, and it'd provide an efficient and enjoyable way of getting rid of my unwelcomed guests. While I couldn't offer that as a solution, I can...
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    Wolf's Rain Collab. Project?

    Whilst browsing the internet, something that escapes me at the moment evoked reminiscent thoughts of this anime. It prompted a sudden craving inside of me to create a role play of it, since I would imagine that'd be fun. However, my memory of the series is somewhat vague and I'd hate to...