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    Editorial ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Worlds of Possibilities

    Look, I have no clue why you people are suggesting that Birth by Sleep will be on 2.5, it makes no sense chronologically. 1.5 is the first Kingdom Hearts through to the end of 358/2 Days that's the first 1.5 of the series. Logic dictates 2.5 will follow the same pattern, as in Kingdom Hearts II...
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    SPOILERS!!!! click to see if you dare lol

    Holy Crap!!!!!! WHAT THE ****!!!! When in the KH timeline did this occur?!
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Sweet! Thanx! They look awesome
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    Theory Behind Riku and Sora's powers (BBS related)

    Did anybody notice in the Xemnas battle, close to the end, when Sora and Riku shot the beam of light out of the keyblade, Sora was holding Way to the Dawn backwards like Ven
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    Deep Jungle

    I started playing KH1 again, I got to Deep Jungle, I found the slides, and started the slide show...., on one of the slides there was castle, Sora said he thought the castle looked familiar, but after that he said he had never been off his island. Can somebody tell me what the castle is, and why...
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    Still pretty new to the thread thing.Okay does anyone think that Xigbar didn't actually die in KH2? I think he is still alive because in Jiminy's journal it doesn't say that had been eliminated, but in Proof of Existence it tells another tale, and again in Jiminy's journal it said that Surely...
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    Secret Ending in KH1

    Okay i'm new here and this is my first thread. After the fight between Riku and Roxas (in the KH1 secret ending) it goes to a scene at the islands and there is a girl standing there watching a meteor fall. Who is that girl?