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  1. platinumrug

    When you first saw KH?

    Saw the commercial, got incredibly excited about this game. I absolutely LOVED the theme song, I could sing the whole thing in japanese, even though I haven't taken one japanese class in my life. I was in middle school, I had a choice between either buying GTA vice city or KH... I chose KH...
  2. platinumrug

    What do you think about Kingdom Hearts 1st person view?

    Third person view is ALWAYS the better option with games like KH that require the use of melee weapons. Obviously if you had a gun in KH, it would be considered FPS almost. The FPS view sucks donkey ass in KH lol, highly inefficient.
  3. platinumrug

    Thoughts on Riku: "I'm not afraid of the darkness"

    I read halfway through and had to stop, not because it was bad (not bad at all) just because my eyes were hurting lol. This is an exceptionally well written (from what I did read) essay on the motivations of our beloved Riku. Most of the things you said are things I whole-heartedly agree with...
  4. platinumrug

    Birth By Sleep -Volume II-

    I agree, just throwing my theory on it. I usually use that reasoning whenever something doesn't make any logical sense at first glance. Maybe it contains ultimate spoilers to something we aren't meant to see for another game? Who really knows at this point? I'm sure someone somewhere is working...
  5. platinumrug

    Just a little Speculation On KH:DDD

    Seems pretty interesting to me. It would be nice to think that Square and Nomura are taking all this time to perfect the story. At least in his eyes lol. I haven't seen the trailer since it first dropped (whenever it was) and it still was the same as I had seen it. I do see what you mean now though.
  6. platinumrug

    Birth By Sleep -Volume II-

    Suspense perhaps? Maybe Square is getting tired of their secret videos ending up on the internet, thus meaning more people will just watch it from home instead of going out, buying the game and beating it to get the ending. Just my theory.
  7. platinumrug

    Help/Support ► This couldn't get anymore f'd up...

    A big fat hell no to your question bro... do not do this. If she has a shady past, shes probably still a snake in the grass. I wouldn't trust her bro.
  8. platinumrug

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Is there was ever a reason for me to buy a hand held... this is the reason to do so. Man this looks awesome.
  9. platinumrug

    What being is Vanitas?

    I need to get my KH knowledge up if I'm going to stay up on all of this. LOL, sephiroth seems to know a lot.
  10. platinumrug

    Do we ever find out who the masked figure in the secret cave of destiny islands was?

    Yes, while that is very true. I was just stating that since they sounded so similar, common sense would allude to the fact that that was indeed Ansem. Just saying bro, no harm.
  11. platinumrug

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    I thought that card dude was a LOT more boring than Xemnas... Xemnas was fun.
  12. platinumrug

    Do we ever find out who the masked figure in the secret cave of destiny islands was?

    Zane is a damn good VA. But as everyone has said before, it was Ansem. It would've been nice had the game tried to mask his voice, or do what they did in KH2 and have the subtitles but no words coming out, this way we couldn't just TELL from listening to him talk that he was Ansem lol.
  13. platinumrug


    Greetings to all, my name is platinumrug as you can so OBVIOUSLY see from this post. I'm definitely new to these forums, I actually don't see why I haven't been apart of any KH forums before, given my love for the series and the incredible story line but, alas, here I am finally. Some things to...
  14. platinumrug

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Damn, guess I'm more blind than I thought I was lmao. Thanks, I'll go make a thread soon. I suppose I should buy another handheld eh? I've just been so used to consoles over the past... 8 years or so. I love KH enough to get a tattoo, I should love it enough to buy a handheld only for the game...
  15. platinumrug

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Thanks, I was trying to find an introduction forum, but alas I could not. I figured as much I'd be waiting a long time, but I never liked the fact that handhelds were getting these amazing games... I haven't bought a handheld since the GBA lol. Guess I'll have to for KH3DS it seems.
  16. platinumrug

    What if Sora and Riku get armor?

    If they do get armor, I hope that it's like upgraded armor, something where you can swap in and out parts to make it stronger or something. If not that, at least make the armor extremely pleasing to the eye because I didn't like the look of TAV's armor... sort of bland.
  17. platinumrug

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    I definitely cannot wait to learn more about this game as well... Although, am I one of the only ones that would like for a console KH game to come out already? I mean, handhelds are fine and all, but I haven't played a handheld game since Pokemon Fire Red, and even before that, Pokemon games...