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    Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2?

    I guess DiZ just wanted to play around or act.
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    Ice Cream =/= Popsicles

    Whenever I think about popsicles, I think of ice cream. Just think about it as sea salt ice cream on a popsicle stick.
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    So......... [spoilers]

    1) oh forgot about that 2) ok and another question. There's a scene where Xemnas and Saix were talking about Xion after she died (saying that "Xion is no more" and something like that). Shouldn't they be forgetting already? Or did they forget after?
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    So......... [spoilers]

    Some questions regarding end-game. 1) When Roxas fought Xion's final form in day 357, which was in Twilight Town, how come no one noticed them fighting? Or was it just a "simulation" Xion made? 2) In day 358, why was it that Roxas was going to the Skyscraper? Couldn't he have just used a portal...
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Enemies that frustrate me: 1) Enemies that can't be killed through simple button-mashing 2) the Heartless that release hearts
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    I'm guessing Riku wrote it. He probably got too lazy to write a more complete one.
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    [POLL] Mar-look-sha or Mar-loo-sha?

    when i first played the game on the GBA, i always thought it was "Mar-look-sha", not until the PS2 version came out, i laughed when they said "Mar-loo-sha". im just wondering, who among you people say Mar-loo-sha or Mar-look-sha. me, i still say it how i originally said it as im not used to...
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    Orginization Element of Choice

    Wind is a nice element for me.
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    Most Annoying Boss

    i would say Riku replica IV.