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  1. Mavxo

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Dives Into Finny Fun and More in New Screenshots

    I don’t login for anything but the headline of this article made me groan out loud so I felt the need to comment. I actually love the old assets, so memorable. It’d be weird if they made all new world assets for this kind of game.
  2. Mavxo

    Biggest mystery in the KH series.

    My absolute first play through of the game I was stuck on him for days maybe even over a week! I could never get all the dancers in time! :mad:
  3. Mavxo

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    ---the ones I love---- 1) KHII (as flawed as it was it was the reason I fell in love with KH. It was totally the side stories of Diz/ATW, Axel, Riku, and Roxas that pulled me in. Could have cared less about Sora.) 2) KHI (even though playing it now frustrates me with how positive Sora is...
  4. Mavxo

    KH III and NPCs

    I'm pretty sure this has been broughten up before but with all the new information we've gotten in the last few days I've noticed that nothing has been said about NPC interaction. Not in any interviews or other pieces of information we've gotten. My biggest gripe with the KH series is how empty...
  5. Mavxo

    Should Kairi be a guardian of light?

    I personally don't see her (or axel) being a Gol. I know she has a keyblade and all but there's no way she's ready to take on the battle before them. I know yen Sid plans on training her but that could be for a different reason. We already have 7 experienced ones anyways 1) sora 2) riku 3)...
  6. Mavxo

    I finally gave in and joined

    After like several years of lurking (and yelling my comments to my laptop screen) I finally decided I wanted to join! So hey there guys, I'm Marissa.