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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    I dont think Ven threw it away though just by remembering how to wield his own keyblade. Ven doesn't seem like the type to throw away sweet gifts from an important friend. He would have kept it for safe keeping. I say Ven gets kidnapped and drops it.
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    playing order

    Terra has been my favorite from day 1 so Im happy about the order. I wanted to play Ventus last though, I always get the "been there, done that" feeling with Ven's gameplay. I've played as Sora and Roxas, and Ven is just like them. I'll probably play as Aqua 2nd despite what Nomura says. I...
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    "tell me why he picked you"?

    Why are people going on about it being the keyblade? >_> FM already proves he meant Axel. Axel picked Sora to destroy the Organization instead of Roxas. Axel, who wouldn't betray Org13 for Roxas did so for Sora. Roxas got angry and attacked Sora. Roxas lost and Axel explains why he did what he...
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    who is

    If my preorder from Playasia arrives.
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    Pissed that BBS is only on PSP

    Gotta love family. I got mine a couple weeks ago because my sister bought one, but she sold it to me half off because she can't play it because how busy she's gonna be with her baby. Amazing how one can go from angry about PSP only, to not really caring. I feel for you OP though.
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    I need your expertise.

    The game is designed so you will always be around the same level towards the end of the game, no matter what you chose. The beginning of the game is really hard because of your lack of abilities. Therefore leveling faster early is better. The last few parts of the game the bosses difficulty...
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    xigbar/braig eyepatch and scar

    What about Ven though? Wouldn't that explain Xigbar's relation with Ven? Xigbar tests him in OC, and all those hints like him seeing Ven as Xion. The best bet is that he is obsessed with the keyblade, and as he tries to dive into it's secrets and challenge those wielders he gets pawned badly...
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    well i havent understood this scene

    Somehow I picture a black haired Ventus with a hair shift. Just look at how Ven's bangs go across his face in a downward left position between his eyes. If you look at Vanitas' hair it does the same thing but the hair is shifted.
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    why do you guys want a fm bbs why

    I still think people need to wait for the first game to even be released. Nomura has packed so much into BbS as it is, probably even more than the console KH games. Wanting a FM before BbS is even out basically just gives Nomura the middle finger for all his hard work, and shows how ungrateful...
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    Vanitas=???? maybe???

    We don't know who Xehanort from KH2 is, and we don't know who Vanitas could be. So Im thinking maybe they are one and the same now, except he fed off of everyone's powers in the end, his body couldn't handle of it so instead his body might have reacted and destroyed his memories? Ansem the Wise...
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    Why same voices?

    The answer is so obvious that it's painful to read these topics. But there's more to Roxas than just being special. He's based on Ven and they both have the same voice. It only makes more sense why Roxas and Sora dont sound alike because of the Roxas and Ven connection. Xemnas does have the...
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    What is a Keyblade Master truly?

    Sora is definetly at the level of a keyblade master after KH2 though. Most of the keyblade wielders are gone by KH1 though, save for exactly 2 of them that are active, until Riku and Roxas and eventually Kairi come along. There's no need for master exams. Not to mention Sora saved the world 2x...
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    scenarios spoiling each other

    Aqua first for me. About time we get to use a female keyblade weilder. Then Terra because he's an anti villian and they are cool, then Ven because his story seems the most important.
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    scenarios spoiling each other

    Thats the point of the scenarios. One scenario will spoil parts of another, and will also create more questions that another one will answer. It's players choice, and that is awesome.
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    KH2 vs sephiroth

    Decisive Pumpkin deals the most damage with it's combo boost ability, but most of your combos will be air combos anyway if you fight Sephiroth the right way. Ultima is the best way to go because of stats, it's a big and awesome looking keyblade and hell, it's the Ultima Weapon. Makes the fight...
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    'His' name is...

    Nomura has said KH is a story not of chance, but of fate. We think that Sora just got lucky and got the keyblade, and that Riku was meant to wield it. However, thats not true. Riku was "supposed" to be the original master, but in reality, fate had planned for Sora to be the master all along.
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    Saix's somebody...?

    There's nothing girly about their names. Lea is pronounced Lee. Like how sea is pronounced see. Lee isn't a girl's name.
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    New Shonen Jump Scan

    Well I mean Terra got his keybike from the LS fight, so it's not a huge surprise his cannon is in it. Maybe the key whip will be a command too. And the hype only increases from here on out.
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! So if Vanitas looks like Sora, does that mean we'll see Sora in a Dark Suit and completely ripped? I thought Sora + Org cloak + girl voice was odd enough.
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! I WANNA SEE BABY SAIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this post was over 25 characters)