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    UK Meet-Up!!!

    Ok theres this idea on other forums i go in about a UK meet-up, so i was thinking, why not us brits meet up???
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    YUI is NEW to the music indusrty, at only 19! She only has 4 singles, no albums yet. She's got quite a sweet voice. First time i heard her was when i got into my obsession with Bleach (anime) and her song LIFE is one of the ending songs. So i thought i'd post the 4 songs from the 4 singles...
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    ~The ULTIMATE CLAIM Thread~

    Ok lets do some claiming! Its pretty simlpe, just claim a- Member- Anime Character- Video game Character- J-pop/rock or any type of J artist- Only one claim per person, no switching or trading, so make sure you stick to your decision! Look at each post first to see whos taken, no doubles...
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    Kairi's Grandmother

    heh yea but at east you get some pride out of kicking Leons ass!
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    Sign for a KH2 Early Release!!!!!

    NO WAY am i joining in this. Come on peope, if they rush it, it'll be crap! Give SE time and they'll make it worth the wait.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts Xtreme Volleyball

    Heh 'Donald didnt pay attention because Aerith was asking for the ball, which landed on his head and knocked him out.' Wonder what distracted him? Kepp it going!! ^^
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    it'll so be Aerith and Cloud, and Tifa watches (seen the pic of her, not too happy?) and then she cries and runs away! xD
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    Riku's eyes green . . . or blue . . .?

    His eyes have always been green! They probably look blue in the opening FMV from KHI cause the reflection from the water, making them look slightly blueish.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts Xtreme Volleyball

    Ooo this is going really good!! Keep it up!
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    3rd version of PASSION

    YES!!! I've been wanting this song! (i dont have limewire so bite me!) I love the 'my hearts a battleground' bit! thats bit makes me like it more than the original version Oh btw, THANK YOU!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts Xtreme Volleyball

    im loving it at the mo! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    ^ yep yep, i got that on my mp3 player, i really like it! All hail FinalHikari!!!
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    For Kairi fanboys...

    and people look out for these things?
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    Rinoa is not present in the game but...SPOILERS

    Hmm i still think Sora is Aerith and Clouds love child. And with the rinoa wing thing, it doesn't resembe her wings much, besides, her colour is blue, so wouldn't the wing thing be blue rather than pink?
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    Why does Riku wear Blind?

    :D Here Here!
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    Tifa Confirmed

    her eyes are more like FFVII eyes than AC eyes. why am i going on about her eyes? anyways, does she have a big part in it? She doesnt interfere with Cloud and Aerith does she?
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    KHII sountrack

    I really liked the OST of KHI, so im really looking forward to hearing KHII OST!
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    She is so purty in KHII! In KHI, she was kinda freaky with the enormous eyes/head/feet. At least now shes got the right size. I love her hair aswell.
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    Pretty sure this doesn't count as a spoiler...

    Im gonna start on easy first, get throught the storyline, then complete it again on normal and proud, and kick some ass!
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    Poll: How many of you have resisted the spoilers???

    i have watched the menu trailer and the opening, and that is it! i refuse to see anything else!!! (unless it involves aerith)