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  1. 1_Mendoza

    What needs to be resolved in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Hey all, This is my first thread and I’d like to get your opinion on a few things. First of all, a little something about myself. I love closure. In any form of media I expect to see an ending with resolution. That’s just the uncreative person I am; also I believe if a creator is going to...
  2. 1_Mendoza

    Question about riku and kingdom key

    Thanks for that! So as of now we are not able to confirm exactly how Sora is using the keyblade since he did not “inheriit” the ability to use the keyblade from Ventus. Maybe the keyblade chose him based on the strength of his heart without requiring a bequeathing from any master. Unless...
  3. 1_Mendoza

    Question about riku and kingdom key

    This might not be the correct place to post this, but I saw this as the most relevant. Is it true that the only reason Sora can use a keyblade is because Ventus resides in his heart and therefore Sora can draw forth a keyblade? And if so, once Ven awakens and his heart makes his way back to his...