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  1. Dclone

    Ability Equip Guide?

    Pardon me if this has posted, (I didn't see one stickied) but is there a guide anywhere for which abilities to have equipped for particular bosses? I know some people will turn certain abilities on or off, like combo pluses or negative combos or whatnot. Also, I see certain accessories like...
  2. Dclone

    News ► Square Enix Holding TWEWY Vocalist Audition!

    I'm in. Now all I need to do is be a Japanese person and move to Japan... :rolleyes:
  3. Dclone

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Well that's just great. I wanted to at least fight Ansem again. He was a fun fight in both forms. Especially the second. Ah well. I suppose I'll try my hand at Critical Mode at some point. Never did try it w/KH2FM+
  4. Dclone

    Did anyone think...?

    I played on Proud Mode & the only final bosses I died against were once on Xemnas and once on the Anti Black Coat. Didn't dies once on either Ansem fight , YMX or the Armored Ventus Nightmare. I found them all fairly easy since I had high HP, every ability & fairly decent attack and magic commands.
  5. Dclone

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    This isn't so much a question about battling the bosses, rather getting to fight them. I went and beat Xemnas again, but when I went to Verge of Chaos and went to where the Anti Black Coat was, he didn't appear. So can you only fight YMX & the Armored Ventus Nightmare again when playing as Riku...
  6. Dclone

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    Isn't Terra's current body Ansem SoD? My question is: when Ansem became a Heartless, what happened to Terra's heart? We know Ansem became his own Heartless, but Terra is left a mystery.
  7. Dclone

    Xehanot & a Certain Plot Device

    Ok, let's see if I can get all this straight. Ansem SoD give up his bodily form to travel through time & goes back to recruit YMX to do some recruiting of his own. Fast forward to KH3D where he, Ansem SoD, Xemnas, Saix, Xigbar & Master Xehanort all exist. Since YMX's mission was to collect...
  8. Dclone

    Forecast & Link Portals

    Huh. That's odd. Because I looked at a guide online to make sure there wasn't a Flowbermeow in Prankster's Paradise for Riku & sure enough it wasn't. It was for Sora. And I was still playing as Riku when I looked at the forecast.
  9. Dclone

    Forecast & Link Portals

    I think I got the hang of it now. So if I was playing Riku's side & the "Next" Nightmare is a Zolephant in a world, that's Sora's portal, correct? Also, does it take a few Drops for a Special Portal to appear sometimes? I didn't find any in Country of the Musketeers for Riku on my last Drop. And...
  10. Dclone

    Forecast & Link Portals

    How exactly does this work? Do the Nightmare silhouettes correspond to the Special Portals? Let's say I complete a Link Portal in Traverse Town & the silhouette isn't blacked out anymore. I drop & next time I come back, it's still the same Nightmare. I don't completely understand the "Now"...
  11. Dclone

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    What a nice treat to come back to after a few days. Thoughts: -Very pleased as always w/Paul St Peter's Xemnas. Love that man's work! -Sadly, Frollo sounds like Corey Burton's Yen Sid... -Axel, Roxas, & Riku all sound great -Is that Olivia voicing Quorra? Pleaseplesasepleasepleaseplease!! -If...
  12. Dclone

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    So much WTF going on here. I'm very excited Flynn, Sam & Quorra are part of the Tron world. I will lose my s**t if my wife Olivia Wilde is voicing her character. And the end. Just....no words. No.....words.
  13. Dclone

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! The end of the trailer is interesting. Even & Ienzo are just lying there w/what looks like darkness coming from their bodies...seems like Braig is unconcerned w/that. Hmmm. And where are Dilan & Aeleus in all of this? More hmmmm. The most interesting part...
  14. Dclone

    Kingdom Hearts 3D offically to be at E3

    Meh. I enjoy getting spoiled a little bit. Plus it's driving me nuts.
  15. Dclone

    Kingdom Hearts 3D offically to be at E3

    If we get a new trailer, I hope it sheds some light on exactly how Ansem SoD and Xemnas are back. And if we get a Pixar world, I hope that is shown as well. Still, if the KH series has taught me anything, it's not to get my hopes up when expecting news. (Looking at you...
  16. Dclone

    KH2FM+ Controls

    I got it to save. Turns out the X button also functions as the back button, so everytime it asked me if I wanted to save I kept saying no.
  17. Dclone

    KH2FM+ Controls

    I just got it today, & I was curious if the controls are different for everybody. So far, here are my controls X-jump O-Attack Square-nothing yet Triangle-reaction command Also, during cutscenes & other menu selections, the O button functions as the X button & vice versa. One more thing, I am...
  18. Dclone

    Abilities List?

    Is there a complete list of all the abilities that are obtainable in the game for all 3 characters? And also, (if possible) what commands need to be melded together to get them? So far I've just been working on gaining Magic Hastes & Attack Hastes for all of them, but I'd like to know what else...
  19. Dclone

    Transformers: War for Cybertron

    I looked for a thread on this but didn't find one. Has anyone else been following the development of this game? I'm quite a big TF fan, and from what I've seen thus far, it has the potential to be a good game (based on the original series). I'm really looking forward to playing as Soundwave...
  20. Dclone

    The Flaw of Leanord Nimoy

    Despite that fact, it could be Corey Burton providing his voice. Remember, even though DiZ appeared in Re:CoM, Christopher Lee was not voicing him. Even if that is the case, Corey did an spot-on impression for Re:CoM.