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  1. Laurel

    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I think my problem with KH3 is that it doesn't feel...mature if that makes any sense. Sure it's a Disney game, but KH1 was the most atmospheric and mysterious game yet it had the most use of Disney in it. There was always a sense of urgency in KH1 with the threat of Disney villains and the...
  2. Laurel

    I believe _______ is inside the black box.

    For some reason I think MoM's heart could be in the box, or some one else's box, or maybe it's empty and the MoM is just a jerk and wants Luxu to just carry the box everywhere for the laughs. I dunno, we'll prob not know until 2030 or something.
  3. Laurel

    What did you LIKE about Kingdom Hearts 3

    That was really cool, they could've gone the boring route and had the castle return in a flash of light, but nope, they pulled a Disney parade on us. What I liked is the gameplay, SDG's interactions were the best interactions and I liked how the trio had grown over the games, the music was...
  4. Laurel

    I’m starting to think riku was just a advertising scam

    That was probably one of my biggest disappointments. Roxas was hyped up to have this big role but he only shows up near the end to battle once and that's it. It's great and all that he has a happy ending, but as being such an important character to the series, he deserved more involvement...
  5. Laurel

    The treatment of women in this series

    Square also produced Nier Automata where the gender roles got reversed a few times. The female lead, 2B, has been shown to be stronger (emotionally and physically) than her male counterpart, 9S, who's the damsel in the relationship. Even the game's box art is 2B carrying 9S in her arms, in other...
  6. Laurel

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Well thats another thing to add to the long list of missed opportunities in the game.
  7. Laurel

    Cut Content

    I avoided fighting in Scala for a bit so I could run around and explore the area, I didn't just land in a cool new world just to get my butt beat by high heeled goat people. I hope Scala is properly explorable in later games, it's a shame that such an awesome looking world is only reduced to a...
  8. Laurel

    Who else got emotional when (ending spoilers)

    Yeah, Nomura shouldn't have said that, it would've made the ending more shocking and the secret ending more suprising knowing that Sora's still alive.
  9. Laurel

    Who else got emotional when (ending spoilers)

    I was reminded of KH1's ending where Sora disappeared as soon as he and Kairi reunited so I was more like "Again, Nomura?" more than emotional. It was sad by all means, I just wished that the ending didn't end on a cliffhanger. Also I was more emotional over Roxas's return.
  10. Laurel

    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    Overall I had a fun time playing it, I loved most of the Disney Worlds (Arendalle was alright, but there was a lot of wasted potential with it, and 100 Acre Woods was cute but they could've at least added more mini games to it. It felt like a last minute thing.) The gameplay was enjoyable and...
  11. Laurel

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    Yeah the remixes were the most memorable, I can't remember the field and battle music for any of the Disney worlds except for Toy Story which I think is a shame since I love KH music, but the new ones for this game weren't as catchy. I did like Scala's and the Final World's music though. Oh and...
  12. Laurel

    Cut Content

    Wasn't there a trailer long ago that was shown to only a certain amount of people and it showed gameplay footage of Sora in Scala ad Caelum? (back then it was called Cable Town) Someone made concept art of Sora being inside what looked like a library, it looked similar to the room that Xehanort...
  13. Laurel

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I couldn't help but get a sneak peak of what's going on and it sounds like a beautiful disaster that's only getting me more hyped. I'm not going to look at anything anymore now, bye all~
  14. Laurel

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I gave in and saw the vid for Scala, I love how different it looks from other last stages in KH. All the other final stages have been dark and/or gloomy while this is the opposite so this is a neat change.
  15. Laurel

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I like that idea, reminds me a bit of Nier Automata where you gotta fight a lot as you rise to the top of a white tower by the end. I'm excited for Scala and hope that there's some exploration to it. I'm also curious to know what the field/battle music would be. Since it does translate to...